8 Ways to Use Wood in Your Interior

8 Dec, 2020

Wood is a beautiful material that can almost magically make a space feel instantly warmer. It evokes comfort that inspires you to make a cup of hot chocolate and get lost in a book. It’s also extremely durable; in fact, it has been used for centuries in the construction of homes and other buildings. Did you know that in Norway, there are wooden houses that were built in the 12th century that are still inhabited today? This is just one prove that indeed, what is one of the most durable materials out there.

It’s really no wonder that wood is widely used in living room design in Singapore. This beloved material is not only versatile—it is also classically elegant and it is easy to incorporate in a wide spectrum of home aesthetics, from traditional to modern. This is why you will find lovely wooden textures and elements in stylish living room interior design in Singapore.

Mahogany, oak, teak, or beechwood—every type has its own characteristics in terms of strength and appearance. You can even choose wood that has been responsibly sourced from sustainably managed forests and contributes to the proper management of Woodlands around the world. Need ideas and how to incorporate wood in your space? Here are some tips from experts in living room design in Singapore:

  1. Install wooden floors.

Many Singaporean homes use tiles or stone flooring, but nothing quite beats the unerring beauty and timeless elegance of wooden floors. Ask your interior designer about the possibility of switching to parquet flooring to give your home a hint of gentility and old-world luxury. Parquet flooring usually uses oak planks treated with varnishes or oils. You can get them in various lengths, widths, and thicknesses, as well as in special shapes including mosaic or herringbone patterns.

Is natural wooden flooring too much to maintain for you? You can still get the look by using porcelain tiles that have been made to look like wood. This may be a more practical option if you want something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

  1. Consider wood panelling.

What panelling might sound a little old fashioned, but don’t worry—there not just for stuffy country houses. Done right, a wooden wall covering can be made modern and minimal for city homes and apartments.

In fact, wooden texture accent walls are a big trend in interior design. Look through any magazine or decorating website and you’ll probably see them in graceful, modern, and minimal Scandinavian style houses. There are infinite options when it comes to making the best of this material. Lighter textures of wood with seen grooving and lines are perfect for evoking a contemporary aesthetic, while darker tones are perfect for elaborate traditional design.

  1. Build wooden separating walls.

 This is another professional design trick that is often used for living room design in Singapore. Vertical planks can be built a few centimetres apart from each other to separate the dining from the living area without really blocking them off from each other. It’s a great solution for creating delineations in a space without blocking its flow and without keeping natural light from pouring in. You can also use it to separate your bedroom from your home office. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Expose those wooden ceilings.

Did you buy an older home with the intention of renovating it? You might be in luck, and in many older houses. Heavy wooden beams were used to support the first floor. Interior designers often restore these beams to make them the highlight of the interior.

Contrary to popular belief, wooden ceilings don’t just work for classically styled homes. They are perfect for modern houses, too, bringing in warmth and understated elegance in otherwise stark and cold spaces. In fact, wooden ceilings are widely used in upscale commercial projects as well as in contemporary residential design.

  1. Highlight your wooden doors and stairs.

Most internal doors are made of wood. You don’t have to finish of them with layers and layers of paint because you can actually let their stunning wooden texture shine through. This is a cheap and efficient way to instantly add wood to your living room interior design in Singapore.

The same principle applies to stairs. Keep your wooden stairway as it is—after all it’s a classic, beautiful, and low-maintenance feature. You can even add wooden shelving underneath your stairs to make that otherwise bed space more functional and beautiful. Think about adding stairway lighting, too. The right lighting fixtures can turn ordinary stairs into an architectural highlight.

  1. Bring in some wooden furniture.

Good, heirloom quality furniture is usually made of wood—and it will always be this way. The key is to choose the right accent wooden furniture and mix them up with pieces made of other materials. There are so many options: a dining room table, a sideboard, a mini bar, an occasional chair, etc. Wood comes in many different varieties, colours, and finishes. If you fancy the Scandinavian vibe, you can’t go wrong with blank wood. Want to do some retro styling? Mahogany is the way to go.

Yes—wooden furniture can be incorporated in modern, austere, and minimalistic interior design. Set them up against stark white walls to make their wooden textures look extra stunning.

A wooden centre table can quickly upgrade your living room because it will occupy the centre—a prominent place in the space. It is one of the first things people notice and can make a great impact on your décor without a lot of work.

You can also bring in a wooden bookcase instead of a centre table. It will draw a lot of attention for its size, so it will surely bring a dramatic change to the space. Wooden bookcase is are not just for storing books—they can also be used to divide environments while keeping them flowing into each other. If you want a dramatic change that’s easy to do—even by yourself—get a wooden bookcase.

A wooden armchair likewise works well for making a space seem warmer. It adds interest to any living room or bedroom while being extremely functional. It doesn’t have to be all wood. These days, you can get armchairs with wooden arms and legs and luscious velvety seats.

  1. Incorporate wood in your lighting.

Illumination is one of the most vital factors that affect how we perceive an environment. Why not bring in a wooden floor lamp can transform your living room space or bedroom? Not only will it emit flattering light—it also adds character even to the most generic of rooms.

There are many other wooden lighting fixtures to choose from if you don’t want a floor lamp. Designers these days are getting very good at manipulating wood veneer. Now more than ever, wooden light fittings are great alternatives to more modern materials like plastics and metals. Why not add a wooden light box above your dining room table or kitchen island?

  1. Add bits of wooden decoration here and there.

This is the easiest and most affordable thing to do if you don’t have a budget for a big interior design project in Singapore. There are so many wooden decorative objects you can buy online these days. Examples include photo frames, hat stands, tealight holders, wooden bowls, custom wooden vases, and personalized shelving. They can add an unpretentious style and chicness to your flat or house.





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