6 Essential Living Room Interior Design In Singapore

23 Jul, 2021

The living room is often the most important living space in any home, and it’s commonly where people spend their time. That means that living rooms are a priority when it comes to interior design. And since living rooms are so popular, there are many living room interior designers available in Singapore who have experience with designing living spaces for all types of budgets and needs.

In this post we will look at 6 essential living room interior designs from some of the best designers in Singapore!

Select the Right Furniture

Take stock of your furniture and be brutally honest about what is not working for you! Redecorating can make or break a living room. It’s time to let go if something doesn’t work anymore like when an old loveseat no longer fits in the space, it has been holding onto decades-old pieces that are out of style, or they have just never really loved them too much anyways.

You don’t need as many things at home because there are so many other places where we store our stuff – closets with clothes; shelves full of books; drawers packed with cooking utensils. So before buying any more items for this room ask yourself “do I love it?” If yes then great but if not it’s time to let it go!

Remember that living room interior design is a process, and you will have three or four different living room interior design makeovers over the course of your life. That means that as trends change so should your decorating if you want it to reflect who you are at this moment in time.

Designate a Focal Point

Your focal point is the first thing people notice when they walk into your room. If you don’t have a natural one like an oversized mantle, create it with a large mirror or piano. Once you find where to put that focus, decorate around it for a cohesive feel while paying attention to what vibe your centerpiece gives off- if there’s something beautiful by the fireplace then makeover can change everything and add some new life!

Pick Your Color Palette

You don’t have to be a professional decorator or artist for your living room space to look like you are. All it takes is knowing what colors will work well together and picking the right pieces of furniture that compliment each other’s tones, texture, and style.

Having a living room interior design idea in mind before putting anything into the design can make all the difference between having a clean-looking place that seems effortless—or one where every inch looks cluttered with mismatched items from different sources vying for attention on both shelves and surfaces everywhere

Balance Function and Beauty

Before you get started, it’s important to identify the purpose of your living room. Is this a space for entertaining? For relaxing with loved ones after busy days at work and school? The needs and desires will dictate what type of furniture is appropriate—and if you need additional storage or not! Whether your intention is an elegant formal setting that impresses guests, a cozy family-friendly nook where everyone can feel comfortable when they come over (or just spend some time alone), or something in between these two polar opposites on the comfort scale: always consider how much seating there should be as well as whether any nighttime activities are planned; then from those considerations determine what kind of lighting would best suit each scenario. This way nothing stands out awkwardly.

Mix It Up with Textures and Patterns

Textiles are a living room’s best friend! Whether they’re woven, embroidered, or printed on the wall paper design for living room; adding different textures will really make your living space feel cozy. But it’s also important to mix patterns up as well if you want a stylish living room design- there are so many different patterns out there!

Pay Attention to Lighting

The type of lighting you use in your living room can make or break the space. You need a combination of different types to completely accentuate every aspect and pull it together with all its various features, like overhead light for when there’s no natural sunlight available (but remember that spaces without lots of daylight may not require this), task-specific lights so reading is easy on the eyes, and accents such as lamps to provide moody illumination where desired.


Living Room Design Mistakes To Avoid

Selecting the Wrong Sofa

Designers agree: A great living room starts with a sleek sofa, which can be difficult to find because people are often attached to their current furniture. They don’t want to replace it because the old couch isn’t that terrible and they typically have good taste in decorating anyway. I’ve had my fair share of clients who were reluctant about getting rid of their sofas for something new but after seeing how much better everything looked once we found one perfect (and expensive!) piece, they changed their minds almost instantly!

Buying a Rug That’s Too Small

one of the principle wrongdoers in front room beautifying is the ineffectively measured carpet. “America has been experiencing for a really long time ‘little mat’ condition,” she says. “I see it basically consistently, and it torments me—particularly when it very well may be so effectively kept away from.” Huge mats can be costly and feel like a particularly unnerving responsibility, in any case, as per the beautician, it’s perhaps the main parts of a room.

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