11 Budget Friendly Renovation Ideas in Singapore

16 Aug, 2021

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, but don’t have the funds to do it all at once – don’t worry! There are plenty of budget friendly renovation ideas in Singapore. In this article, we will discuss how to save money and still get a great looking space by using some simple tricks. We’ll also provide an example project that we undertook recently with our clients where they were able to achieve their desired look on a tight budget.

#1 Kitchen Renovation Ideas: New Counter tops

You don’t have to demolish your kitchen just because the countertops are outdated. You can go for something more modern and save a whole lot of money in the process, but you’ll need to invest some time into finding out what material will work best with your existing cabinets. For example, if they’re made from oak wood then stone would be an excellent option or vice versa depending on how much natural elements you want incorporated into your design scheme.

#2 Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Change the Backsplash

Cabinets and countertops are the most expensive features in your kitchen renovation, but if you have a decent cabinet situation already then it might be worth investing in new counters. The smaller size of these surfaces means that they don’t cover as much surface area as cabinetry or other traditional materials like tile so this will save you on labor costs which can translate into more personalization with them since their price is lower to begin with. A great way to trim down even further is by purchasing seconds from stone companies who use leftover material for cheaper prices than retail items cost at stores!

#3 Kitchen Renovation Ideas: Add a Faux Island

A small table is a cost-friendly option for an islandless kitchen. Just add rolling casters so you can move the piece of furniture at will. The more extras that are added, like cabinet with drawers, the higher it will cost to make your dream item become reality; if you’re on a low budget start off with just purchasing a simple table and then convert any unused pieces of furniture into islands!

#4 Renovation Ideas In the Living Room: Update Flooring

Many strip and-stick flooring choices are meager enough that you don’t need to eliminate existing deck to give your room a financial plan amicable redesign underneath. Regardless of whether the floor should fall off on the grounds that you can’t stand it’s anything but, another floor can be a durable task that, all alone, isn’t excessively costly for interior design. Besides, a lot of DIY choices exist to help you save money on work, as well.

#5 Renovation Ideas In the Living Room: Change Window Treatments

New texture, new shades, or a blend of the two can give a lovely facelift to a parlor. A lot of sew-it-yourself alternatives can go far to shroud more established windows (which would be an expensive remodel project). To set aside some additional cash, plan to reuse the current window ornament poles and rings.

#6 Renovation Ideas In the Living Room: Install Dimmers

Dimmers are an easy and affordable way to change the mood of your room. With a dimmer, you can go from bright lighting for tasks to softer lights that make relaxing more comfortable. Dimmers work with lamps so they don’t need outlets in every corner or by each lamp post which is great news if there’s not enough space near all these things!

Dimming down on overhead light means having better control over how much brightness fills any given area. By installing a dimmer switch in older homes where newer wiring often makes it difficult to power floor and side-lamps without sacrificing too many plugs, homeowners can enjoy brighter bulbs when accomplishing their daily activities but still have soft ambient lighting at night time for relaxation purposes; this versatility will save you money on electricity costs.

#7 Renovation Ideas In the Bathroom: Add a Medicine Cabinet

You will never believe what a simple, inexpensive change can do for your bathroom. This new medicine cabinet is the perfect example: not only does it offer storage options and style in one small package, but it also looks great! If you’re feeling crafty this weekend, turn an old mirror into something even more impressive with cork board or chalkboard added to the inside of its door 

You’ll be impressed by how much these little changes affect your life–especially behind closed doors.

#8 Renovation Ideas In the Bathroom: Add Storage

Don’t let your clothes get sprawled all over the floor. Fill your empty shelves with baskets, books and other decorative accents to create a unique display you can be proud of! There are many options for off-the-shelf storage that offer vertical space in an attractive way – check out tiered carts, leaning ladders or apothecary cabinets.

#9 Renovation Ideas In the Bathroom: Safety Updates

People often overlook the toilet paper holder and towel bar as potential safety aides. Usually nothing special to look at, these two overlooked accessories represent a chance for you make your bath safer than ever before! Nowadays there are multiple companies that produce ADA-compliant toiletries such as holders, bars, or other useful items that can serve as an anchor point in emergency situations when tending to personal needs. Whether it is yourself now or someone else later on down the line who will need this assistance; investing in any of these products would be worth considering today if not soone

#10 Renovation Ideas In the Bedroom: Add Interest to Walls or Ceilings

Even if you don’t have a stash of power tools, adding wainscoting or trim to dull bedroom walls can be as easy as painting an outline and filling it in with paint. Pre-finished millwork will cut down on your labor time but finishing the lumber yourself is just another way to save money on your renovation budget!

#11 Renovation Ideas In the Bedroom: Display Shelves

Kids are always growing and require room for their ever-changing interests. But what do you do with all of the stuff they have accumulated? By adding shelving to your child’s bedroom, it will be easier on them because then they can just take down books or collectibles when she is done using them. Shelves don’t cost too much money either so this may even give parents a break from buying toys!

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