What Does an Interior Decorator Do? in Singapore

11 May, 2021

One stereotype says that only celebrities can hire whether an interior designer or interior decorator. The fact is, everyone can do that! As long as you understand interior decorator Singapore who suits your interest in decorating or designing, you can totally obtain a creative interior design.

When you just bought a new home, HDB flat, or new landed property, is your next plan to hire a designer, especially for the interiors of your home? Then, you might as well consider the budget.

Sheinterior is the answer! With our budget planning, we will discuss the interior design you wish for, plus matching it with your own budget. It will be more effective to structure the ideas based on your budget limit while having a chance to get affordable interior design.


What Is It Like to Be an Interior Decorator?


Interior decorators are unique and mostly aesthetic. They help to determine their clients’ needs based on the personality and objectify them through decorations. The decorative aspects include paint, textiles, and furniture.

Interior decorators’ important task is to understand the clients’ desire regarding the feeling they intend to have when walking toward every room in their homes. It is like a ‘bringing rooms into life,’ type of work.

Obviously, this work needs professional communication between clients and interior decorators. But, with Sheinterior, we assure you get a professional design consultation because we always try to give the best service, including interior design showroom Singapore.

There are several top interior design companies, but you can consider Sheinterior is the number one company that can help you solve the problems of designing and decorating homes! We are able to provide you with furniture design and colour matching. This will help to match the design of furniture with decorative colouring as a superb finishing.

Is There a Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

Absolutely, yes! Although both of them may sound and look similar, they are two different occupations that have different job descriptions as well. Interior designers have to understand the client’s behaviours in order to make functional spaces from one room to another.

Meanwhile, interior decorators finish all the work. They add a finishing touch with decorative elements based on the clients’ taste of aesthetic. Interior decorators do not have to design stuff, they are only there to decorate.

Do you need both good quality interior decorator and an interior designer? Sheinterior will be here to provide everything! For example, if you want us to do an interior design Singapore HDB flat, you will not only get the design structure but also that we propose space planning.

How Much Should I Pay for an Interior Decorator?

It is according to several aspects such as size of your home, the materials needed, and the extent of work e.g. plumbing, electrical work, or others. But, on average, interior decorators might charge from $100 to $300 per hour. Additionally, luxe decorators will cost you up to $500 per hour.

However, you can negotiate an affordable price for your needs with Sheinterior! With Sheinterior, you will obtain detailed perspective drawings in order to enhance the structure of either furniture design or home decor starting from the sketches.

How Much Do Interior Designers Charge in Singapore?


Mostly, both interior designers and interior decorators have similar periods when doing their work. Based on the average, they need at least 35 to 50 hours to design and decorate your home literally from scratch.

Yet, if you intend to hire them for moving walls or making structural changes, then they will need more than 50 hours to finish them all. To reduce their time of work, you can purchase some of the total furniture and have the decorators and designers place the furniture for your rooms.

If we could break it down, here is the list of work periods the interior designers and interior decorators need.

Site Measure 1-2 hours (measuring your home’s space, placements, size of windows, and others)
Space Planning 2-3 hours (floor planning, layout, proportion of space)
Conceptual Design 8-10 hours (starting to decorate! They will create a concept for each design needed)
Sourcing  7-10 hours (make a shopping list adjusting to your budget)
Purchasing and Installation 15-25 hours (they can manage the purchasing and installation)


To conclude it all, interior designers and interior decorators are two different jobs. Interior designers do the designing and structure down the idea, while interior decorators do the finishing aesthetic touch such as adding decorative elements based on how you want your rooms to feel like.

Sheinterior, Your Choice of Interior Design and Interior Decor

Especially for you who want to decorate and design your interior ideas, Sheinterior can be a reliable preference of the best HDB interior design Singapore! Not only for HDB flat, but we are able to bring the best service to your homes, such as giving materials and color scheme proposals. Want to know more? Lets talk

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