Tips and Tricks to Make your Bathroom More Stylish

8 Dec, 2020

It’s no secret that a bathroom renovation in Singapore can cost a pretty penny—especially if you want the results to be luxuriously stylish. But don’t worry. It’s easier than ever to get that look for less. Here are some tips from interior design experts on how to save money without sacrificing style. We hope you get some ideas on making your bathroom design in Singapore look and feel upscale without breaking the bank.

  1. Install tiles all the way to the ceiling.

Partial wall tiling can make a bathroom look cheap, making it obvious that you tried to save on materials to cut costs. One of the best ways to achieve a luxurious look is to invest in tiles that cover the entire walls of your bathroom from the floor to the ceiling. This can give your space a custom and bespoke feel. What’s more, covering your walls and tile can add a lot of dimension and sparkle to what would otherwise be a lifeless surface.

While material selection is important, it’s how you use those styles that really matters. Even cheaper tiles can look much more expensive when installed properly and when they cover the entire wall.

  1. Bring in large lighting fixtures.

Why not put the flush mount chandelier in your bathroom? It’s a great way to add drama and make a huge design impact overhead—without taking up any floor space. Experts in bathroom design in Singapore agree that doing this can infuse some opulence in your bathroom while keeping its feeling spacious and open, which is the ultimate luxury.

  1. Treat yourself to elegant containers.

It’s amazing what fancy glass bottles and dispensers can do to make a bathroom look instantly stylish. So stay away from those plastic bathroom accessory sets with those matching toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Instead, put your toiletries—including your lotion, body wash, and shampoo—in classy containers. Rehoming them into something more beautiful can make even inexpensive drugstore toiletries look and feel like luxurious potions, making bath time even more special.

  1. Bring in some plants.

At first it might seem like the bathroom is a bad place for any living thing. But did you know that some plants love it there? Boston ferns, orchids, and good old aloe vera will thrive in your bathroom. Put them in galvanized planters and hang them by the window to draw the eyes up if you have limited space. You can also add a plant next your shower, or perhaps a smaller one on your vanity.

  1. Don’t be afraid of gold and other metallic finishes.

Brass is back—and no, not the tacky ones from the seventies in the eighties. Using Brass these days is all about finding the right shade. Stay away from greenish golds of the yesteryears because they look dated now. Instead go for brushed golds in sleek are shapes. They look fresh, new, and glamorous.

That easiest way to add brass in your bathroom without ripping everything out is to simply bring in metallic accent accessories like brass the soap dishes, wastebaskets, and other such vanity products. This will give you the same effect but is much less expensive than buying new fixtures. And if it turns out that you don’t like the look of brass, you can always remove them.

  1. Invest in good towels.

The most affordable way to do this is to go all white. This can make your bathroom feel like a hotel spa. There are so many well-made white towels that you can buy online. Do you prefer something more opulent? Then look for towels that look rich—such as those with embroidered edges, monograming, or ribboned trims. A practical choice is the Turkish towel, which is known for drying easily while looking luxurious but feeling lightweight.

  1. Add a statement mirror.

Give your bathroom a centrepiece in the form of a large and uniquely shaped or finished mirror. This is a fantastic way to elevate the look of the space. Try Moroccan, or tortoise shell, or gold finishes. More importantly, don’t be afraid to go large. It’s a good idea to have a mayor are customized to extend all the way to your ceiling. This adds drama in visual space even to modestly sized bathrooms. You can also have your mirror cut to accommodate surface mounted scones.

  1. Hang some art.

Bigger is better in this case. This luxurious wall décor option can make even small bathrooms look so much bigger by visually anchoring the space. It’s a design trick used by experts in bathroom design in Singapore for upscale projects, but you can certainly borrow it for your own renovation no matter what the scale of your bathroom. Make sure that the art is appropriately framed and guarded against steam and moisture damage.

  1. Change your shower curtains.

If you don’t have sliding doors for your shower or tub and are using shower curtains instead, don’t worry—there is a way to make it more luxe. Some design experts recommend using real bedroom curtains instead of those that are designed for the bathroom. That’s right—you can use silk or silk-like curtains in this space to instantly make it look more elegant and refined. The secret is to add a fabric shower liner underneath them, which you can buy at an affordable price.

  1. Organize, organize, organize.

Nothing makes a bathroom look cheaper than a messy vanity. Why not turn clutter—from your tooth brushes to your hand soaps—into a stylish arrangement? Get a tray for all of them to make your knickknacks feel like they belong together. Here’s a design trick: place three, five, or seven items on the tray, because odd numbers always look better. Don’t for get to add in some natural elements like a piece of coral you got from a recent trip, a bristle brush, or even a small plant or flower petals. Make your arrangement more interesting by playing with scale in height—that is, using shorter and taller pieces together.

If you have a bathtub, it might be a good idea to buy a stylish bath tray. It won’t just help you organize everything—it can also make your daily self-care ritual feel much more special. Put a candle or an indoor plant on it, and don’t forget your body brush and bath salts.

Here’s a bonus tip: Use a bath mat. It can soften your hard-tiled floors and add much needed warmth in the space.

To get more ideas, explore this website and other interior design sources. Good luck on your renovation project. If you need an interior designer for your bathroom renovation project in Singapore, don’t hesitate to contact us.








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