Spangle Your Bedroom Ceiling With Light Fixtures That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space

8 Oct, 2020

Most people believe that it takes a great bed to make a relaxing and inviting bedroom—and that’s true. But professional interior designers agree that this is not enough. Good bedroom design in Singapore also considers lighting as a critical element

Lighting can make a difference in the look and feel of the room. It can also affect the mood of that space. Imagine if your bedroom lighting was as bright as that of a grocery store. All that brightness will prevent you from relaxing and sleeping properly. If you are doing a bedroom renovation in Singapore, you definitely need to consider the lighting fixtures that you will add to the space.

When it comes to light fixtures that you can consider for your bedroom ceiling, there are many different options. The selection can easily become daunting, but don’t worry—we’re here to help. Check out these ideas for some inspiration:

Bedside lighting

Light fixtures are added to the bedside for convenience especially if you are unable to reach the main light switch from bed or you simply do not want to get up just to turn the lights on or off. Bedside lighting is typically smaller and provides a concentrated light source, making it ideal for reading and writing while in bed.

Traditional bedroom interior design recommends matching bedside lighting. This means that the lampshades or light fixtures are the same for both sides of the bed. But there are no strict rules—you don’t have to be matchy-matchy. Feel free to choose contrasting light fixtures to give your bedroom some character. That could mean a lighter colour for one side and a darker one for the other, or a different lamp for each side. You can even take the design up a notch by choosing contrasting bedside tables, too.

Light scones are also great options. They are usually used in hallways and formal spaces, but again, there is no rule that they are limited only to those areas. Introduce them to your bedroom to give your space a sophisticated and elegant touch. Scones are fixed on the falls, so they free up the space on your bedside table. That means more space to place your books, phone, a glass of water, and other essential stuff you need. You can even do away with bedside tables if you use sconces, which may be ideal if the space is limited.

Pendant lighting is another option, particularly for high ceilings. Allow them to drop down over the bedside table while making sure that there is still enough space in between. A minimum of 35 centimetres is recommended.

Cove lighting

The word ‘cove’ refers to a coastal inlet that is sheltered from the sea. Cove lighting is somewhat similar to that, thus the name. It provides indirect light peeking from behind a ledge. This way, light is reflected from the ceiling, floor, or walls instead of going directly downwards.

Cove lighting is popularly used in contemporary living rooms. However, it’s a versatile element that can certainly be incorporated into any modern bedroom design in Singapore. It can add an elegant ambience to your sleeping space, too.

Choose LED bulbs if you want to use cove lighting. Newer LED bulbs have built-in controls to allow you to change the lighting temperature from warm to cool, and modify the light intensity from bright to dim. These are useful features in case you want to switch up the mood to help calm your mind or keep you alert while in the bedroom.

An easy way to add cove lighting into your master bedroom design in Singapore is by installing LED strips along the bottom of the inner edge of your bed. Alternatively, you can let the strip follow the groove over the cupboard. Once installed, switch the lights on and marvel at the nice balance of shadow and light that brings more depth to your room. For a more exquisite look, layer cove lighting with track lights or a standing lamp.

Recessed lights
Canister lights, can lights, and downlights all fall into a single category: recessed lighting. Although recessed light is commonly used in living rooms, it can also be an attractive option for your bedroom especially if the ceilings are low. That’s because recessed lights help create an illusion of height. You can even use them to illuminate a piece of art or a wall, just like track lighting.

If you’re interested in recessed lights for your sleeping space, be sure to consult with professionals in bedroom renovation in Singapore for assistance in mapping out the lighting plan. It is crucial to know where you must place the all light fixtures, including the cove lighting, lamps, and track lights. If there is a ceiling fan, you need to make sure that the recessed lighting will not overlap with it. Otherwise, it will create a disco ball effect, which can be quite irritating if you are trying to read or focus on a task.

Should you decide to go for recessed lighting, make sure that there is at least a metre of space between them. Four lights should be enough for a medium-sized room; anything more will be too bright. If you are not sure of how to arrange your light fixtures to create the perfect ambiance, you can always consult with experts in master bedroom design in Singapore.

SHE Interior can help

We are a full-service interior design company pioneered by Eugene and Ryan She. Our mission is to make sure that you are able to execute an effective design, whether you are doing a bedroom renovation in Singapore or looking to improve your sleeping space so that it looks and feels more conducive for rest and relaxation.

Our team is focused on providing excellence in service and design, and we are able to achieve this with help from in-house designers who have extensive experience in their craft. Together with dependable contractors and skilled, versatile craftsmen, SHE Interior Design Pte. Ltd. is proud to bring our expertise in home design and renovation to you.

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We understand how daunting it can be to plan your bedroom design in Singapore by yourself, especially when it comes to deciding which light fixtures to get and where they should be placed. That’s why we provide free design consultations to help you make an informed decision. We think that this is one of the reasons why we are known among the best renovation companies in Singapore, apart from our ability to execute our clients’ desired interior designs based on their allocated budget.

Be sure to get in touch with us, so we can start planning your bedroom design and lighting. You can also explore our website for testimonials about our work, know more about our services, and look at samples of our works.

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