8 Creative Small Bathroom Ideas in Singapore with Limited Budget

20 Apr, 2021

Bathroom design ideas are one of the most searched keywords in Singapore. Many people want to renovate your bathroom. Although we have a small bathroom, we should keep our bathroom still comfy, clean and look elegant. 

In other cases, we sometimes find some problems before renovating the bathroom or toilet. The toilet may not make comfortable for you, such as the slippery floor, broken porcelain wall, and the inappropriate colour and the bathroom types. Those are bad and could have more worst impacts if we take the false way to choose the interior services consultant

She Interior is one of the wise recommendation interior firms that you can ask to help those problems. Here! The many types of toilet renovation ideas that can be implemented in your home.


When Warm Lighting Talking on Bathroom 


The old HDB toilet design looks modern and large when we arrange to set warm lighting on the bathroom. It can be illuminated within the perfect certain terrazzo. The lighting can give the impact soft and warm. The light gives a luxurious accent. Besides, this design interior type creates a seamless look and calm.


The Patterned Vintage Bathroom  


The glamorous ornament and element influence the theme of small toilet design ideas. A small bathroom looks elegant and perfect with the ornament floor. Besides, additional glazed porcelain completes the vintage theme bathroom. The vintage style is usually dominant with the white and grey colour theme. 


Wooden wall Bathroom Types 

The old HDB toilet design can look interesting and artistic with the wooden wall ornaments. Sometimes, the bathroom consists of a white patterned wall with many tiles. You can feel relaxed and warm when you see the design around your bathroom. Also, the wooden ornament matches the white and dominant calm colour. 


Bathroom Types with the Large Spaces


Arranging spaces is a crucial way to illuminate the bathroom. Therefore, our bathroom looks large and comfortable. It is the one speciality of SheInteriors in Singapore. We can discuss the planning spacious with the interior consultant in She Interior. It is not easy to set the space in our small bathroom. She Interior Singapore can help us to set this space perfectly and easily. 


Bathroom Style Like Hotel 


For the 3-room HDB toilet design, the bathroom style like the hotel is the best choice for us. This bathroom consists of the closet and the shower area in the HDB toilet that can be separated with tempered glass. Arrange all the ornament walls in white one and harmonious looks. White gives the place brighter and bigger. It is suitable for the private HDB small bathroom that is located in your bedroom. Therefore, it has no bathroom door. 


Touch Luxury in Your Small Bathroom



Tempered glass screen in small HDB toilet design gives the luxurious style for your bathroom. You can add the mosaic floor everywhere around our bathroom. It makes our bathroom looks comfortable and luxurious. Sometimes, tempered glass separated between wet and dry areas. Add the lighting in HDB toilet. 


Dreamy Bathroom Ideas 

Small bathrooms not only renovate with the white dominant but also the other colours. You may take some colours for a simple HDB toilet design. You can combine some colours, such as blue, grey, orange, brown and white. It represented its small bathroom with personal characteristics. Colours and lighting in HDB Toilet add the sense of this type. 


Modern HDB Small Bathroom

Arranging the mirror as the wall in your small bathroom. This design is suitable for HDB toilet design with bathtub. Your small bathroom has a larger look because the shadow from the sidewall is reflected by the mirror. Therefore, the bathroom reflects larger twice than before. The main point is that the mirror can make the bathroom look wide. You can add the washbasin and Vanity Cabinet in HDB Toilet. Let’s design your dream toilet!


The Question and Answer about the Creative Small 

Those are the question that always asked by the people that related to the creative small bathroom as the following:


How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom In Singapore?

The cost of the bathroom renovation in Singapore is about $550 – $ 6550 for the Light Categories. Besides, for the moderate categories, it starts at about $ 2600 till $8600.


How Can I Make My Small Bathroom More Luxurious?

To make your small bathroom look luxurious, you can make the steps such as arrange the vanity, set the tiles, take the dimmer lights, arrange the spacious, giving the storage and the illumination of art/texture/mirror. 


What Should I do with a Small Bathroom?

You should do something with your small bathroom, for example, remove your shower door and change with tempered glass and give a mirror on the wall. 


She Interior is the best solution to renovate your small bathroom. This interior design firm offers 30 types of creative small bathroom ideas. It has a theme of modern into industrial design. She Interior does not only create a beautiful bathroom but also a healthy and comfortable bathroom for clients.


She Interiors has the speciality for the clients, such as:

  • The design consultations are professional and competent. It offers appropriate space planning, perspective drawing, and a budget. 
  • It provides matching colours and furniture design.
  • The coordination and supervision site is provided by Sheinterior.
  • It also provides colour scheme proposals and materials.
  • It can give electronic appliance recommendations for clients. 


If you want to renovate your small bathroom, you can visit www.sheinterior.com.sg at 21 Woodlands Close #09-43 – She Interior Design Pte Ltd and call us (+65 9484 1863).

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