12 Beautiful Apartment Living Room Design Ideas

1 Aug, 2022

having to spend a fortune. With HDB living room design ideas, you can add a touch of style to your HDB without spending a lot of money. You need to consider the amount of light that comes into the room, the color schemes that are already present, as well as the furniture that you already have. With HDB living room design ideas, you can also transform your HDB into a modern, cozy haven.

Light and Airy Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme can be kept interesting by including several textures. The walls, sofa, rug, and flooring are all white, which makes the room appear larger and lighter. Cozy textures combined with a dash of blush and canvas brown also provide some depth. The big piece of art completes the appearance!

Airy Curtains

Simple, minimalist neutrals are a surefire way to give a small HDB depth and space. To add visual interest to the room without adding extra furniture, use textures and patterns like those found in this rug and ottoman. The light-filled room has floor-to-ceiling white sheer curtains that give it a breezy, airy vibe.

Chic and Eclectic Color

To make the most of your limited living area, color doesn’t have to be sacrificed. This lovely arrangement is evidence that color can be used effectively with the right application. The secret is to use bright contrasts on a pale, neutral background. You may add patterns and colors in the form of cushions, artwork, and mementos by placing them on the walls, couch, area rug, and even the coffee table, which serve as a simple canvas.

Corner Couch

Think about a corner couch. A single corner couch defines the space while optimizing seating space instead of several chairs and tables. Texture is added by the throw pillows, rug, and straightforward coffee table with golden bamboo trim. Don’t forget about the gauzy floor to ceiling draperies, either! It’s a tried-and-true method for bringing space and light into your area.

Mini Entertainment Center

Make the most of every inch of space to create a functional and beautiful HDB living room. A sectional sofa’s short end is the ideal way to add a couch to a cramped area. It feels finished because of the edge the side table gives it. To stay organized and save space, a shelving unit with open cubbies makes a perfect TV stand/storage combination.


In order to make the space feel “large,” room employs every little HDB hack in the book. It has a simple color palette with sand-colored mild hues. It has curtains that reach the ceiling. With a comfortable, complementary area rug, it defines the room and adds texture. There is an ottoman that also serves as a coffee table. Not to mention, it uses a vertical grouping of coordinated framed artwork to finish the effect.

Industrial Minimalist Living Room

With the turn of a hinge, you can quickly convert your living area into a guest bedroom by going from couch to platform bed. Consider utilizing your available space. Just take a look at this setup if you’ve ever questioned if multipurpose furniture can be fashionable. You have all the evidence you need!

Size Down and Build Up

If you have high ceilings in your home, you can make the most of them. Think vertically when decorating to draw the eye up and give the impression that your home is larger by using tall mirrors, high bookcases, and curtains set several inches above your real windows. In addition to all of these tactics, you could also utilize a little loveseat sofa and a miniature trunk as a coffee table.

Fit it All-in

Another method to deceive yourself into believing something is larger than it appears to be is to fill your tiny space with lots of purpose. The HDB living room and office space in this HDB flow into one another, creating a pleasing sense of cohesion and interest.

All White

Nothing brightens and opens up a space like the color white can, which is why this technique is high on our list of small HDB living room ideas. This California HDB with coastal influences demonstrates how a monochromatic color scheme can make even the smallest living spaces appear much larger than they actually are.

Wooden Elements

Did you know that art isn’t limited to being shown on walls? You may forget about the hammer and nails when you have a variety of stunning wooden tables like these to adorn your floor. Along with a floor lamp with a linen shade to give a soft light on the seating area, a modest book, candle, and plant round off the stylish set.

Open Floor Plan

The kitchen and living room are frequently almost identical for those who live in HDBs. To establish separation between the two, you can employ furniture and pattern modifications. The HDB living room and dining area are separated in this plan by a transition from pure white to grayscale furnishings and a delightfully patterned area rug, which keeps everything in the layout in black and white.

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