5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring Renovation Contractors In Singapore

7 Sep, 2021

As the saying goes, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In other words, it’s better to have what you need now than to hope for something that may never come your way.  

But if this proverb applies to anything, it’s renovations.  

Home renovation means taking on big expenses and making major changes to how your house looks and functions. 

It’s an investment that can pay huge dividends down the road but only if you do things right.

which includes hiring competent contractors who are experienced with Singapore regulations and building codes. 

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So before you commit yourself financially or emotionally (or both), make sure you know these five things before signing up with any direct renovation contractor in Singapore: 

1. Hiring a renovation contractor for residential and commercial projects is a big commitment. 

Before you fall head over heels in love with a renovation project that’s going to completely transform your house, stop and ask yourself if it’s really what you want. 

Renovations are like weddings, they can be very exciting, but also exhausting and stressful. 

If you aren’t 100% certain of your decision before hiring any contractor, then walk away from the wedding (metaphorically speaking). 

Take time to think about whether this is for you or not. It will save you money and aggravation down the road when things get complicated.

Contracting work may look simple enough on paper but renovating a home is complex. 

It might involve tearing down walls, installing wiring and plumbing systems, refinishing floors, the list goes on. 

The more renovations you want to be done, the more complicated it gets.

Before you decide to sign up with a renovation contractor in Singapore, know that this is not something you can just drop halfway through. 

You must be prepared to stick it out till the end or hire another contractor who can start from where it left off.

So be prepared to commit to a renovation company for months if not years before your home is complete again.

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2. You should choose your contractor carefully, and research potential contractors.

It’s not like hiring someone to paint your house or install windows, renovations come in multiples and they take time.  

So while it may seem like a good idea to hire the first contractor who comes knocking on your door, resist that temptation and do some research first.

Find reviews of potential contractors online. Visit their page for testimonials from past customers.

Schedule an interview so you can meet them personally face-to-face before signing a contract or handing over any cash whatsoever. 

That way you can be sure that this is the right renovation team for you, and vice. 

The contractor you choose should be someone you can trust, and who comes highly recommended.

It’s always better to ask around for a referral first, before hiring a renovation company in Singapore. 

But like mentioned above, many things could go wrong when the project begins.

If that happens and your contractor turns out to be unprofessional or dishonest, then it would take much longer to complete your renovations and would cost more than what you planned at the beginning of the project.  

So do your homework and hire a reputable company with an established history of successful projects. 

3. Be prepared, it can take weeks or months before you see any visible progress on your home renovation project!

Renovations can be time-consuming and expensive, so you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the long haul.

If your home renovation project takes months, then it needs to become an affordable permanent fixture in your life during that time.  

You have to stop planning vacations or weekends away and get used to working around construction crews on site. 

So it’s important for you to understand what you are getting into before any contract signing between both parties begins.

This will give you a clear idea of whether this is the right decision for now or not.

Contractors may seem more expensive than you would like, but if they are cheap or free, then chances are that they do not have the expertise or experience to get the job done properly.

If something goes wrong, such as delays from material suppliers, it could actually cost you more time and again more money in the long run. 

Before hiring any contractor in Singapore, always ask for their CV and portfolio of completed projects.

That way you will know how much experience this company has when it comes to renovating homes.  

4. When you’re ready to hire a company, be sure to get all agreements in writing before signing anything.

It’s also important to agree on a deadline for your renovation and stick with it.

Hiring a contractor, taking bids, and signing contracts can seem like an overwhelming process but you get used to it once you do this over and over again.

You should always ask for references from past customers so that you are assured that your business is in good hands. 

Renovations cost money, so don’t make the mistake of hiring a company without first checking their reputation and warranty!

If they have a great showroom, then the chances are more likely they have all necessary licenses and insurance required by law.  

But don’t just take our word for it; search online reviews or ask other people who’ve had similar renovations done.

Find out how they felt about the contractor in question, both before and after their renovation was complete. 

5. Ask for references from past customers who are willing to talk about their experience working with the company’s employees or contractors.

It’s very important to know whether or not the contractor you’re considering hiring has a reputable track record when it comes to working with homeowners.

Even though it might be embarrassing, it’s best for you to ask about their previous mishaps or lawsuits that may have been brought against them by past customers.

While doing due diligence might seem awkward and even pushy at first, getting references from other people who’ve had renovations done could give you a great insight into how this particular company works. 

So if possible, meet them in person and ask as many questions as you need to feel confident moving forward with the home renovation project.  

A good contractor should be able to provide you with references from past customers who are willing to speak about their experience and rate them.

This way you will be able to get a quick idea of what the company’s employees are like, which is important because they will most probably be in your home on a regular basis during the renovation process.

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Tell me the difference between interior designer and renovation contractor?

Difference between remodeling contractors and interior designers is primary value they provide. Most Interior Designers’ construction and building service offerings are often outsourced or subcontracted. Renovation contractors in that regard also specialize in construction. The bigger firms also offer services for interior design renovation and design in the aim of becoming a one stop renovation solution for homeowners. If you’re planning on getting an interior designers then check out this directory of interior designers from across Malaysia. After extensive research and meeting with several different interior designers around Singapore we decided to hire a renovator with a large price tag.


If you are considering hiring a contractor, the last thing that you want to do is sign up without doing your due diligence first.

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