How Much Does It Cost to Renovate an Old House Singapore 2021?

6 May, 2021

House is the place for every person’s lifetime. Indeed, a house is so far the biggest purchase we will probably make. If you are planning to choose a stay or renovate an old house, at least you need to understand the cost of them all. But, what about Singapore? How much does it cost to do a house renovation in Singapore?

Talking about house reno Singapore, it is a must to think not only the exterior but the interior design as well. You can find some recommendations from home renovation Singapore blog and find something that suits your style of designing a home. For example, Sheinterior can provide you with the best professional design consultation. But, how about the budget renovation?


How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a House in Singapore?


Basically, the bigger the house, the higher the cost. Considering the size of the house is important. If you need some space supervisor, Sheinterior will cover you to propose space planning. From there, you can predict how much the cost would take for the renovation. In fact, small houses under 100sqm can spend $30.000 or less. While a 3-room or 4-room apartment flat can cost from .000.


Type of Home



Let’s say, you have been owning your house for more than twenty years and have not bought any new furniture for the interior yet. That could possibly mean the furniture you have is outdated or ‘old-school.’ This can determine the cost of house renovation in Singapore.


So, renovating a house can cost you up to $67.000 with all the new things you will be needing. But, Sheinterior can help you to create detailed perspective drawings for your interior design and the furniture needed. This will definitely help you to reduce the full cost with multi-functioned furniture.


Custom Carpentry

You might want to renovate a house with a full extent of work such as designing new custom carpentries. Sheinterior will be here to provide site coordination and supervision. Especially for renovating custom carpentries which need bigger work. With our renovation Singapore packages, we assure you get the best interior designs and other custom work such as plumbing, wall and ceiling paintings, beams or partitions, and even electrical work.


Type of Materials and The Quality of Them

The cost of the materials is based on the quality. The better, the higher it will cost. For example, a ceramic ranges from $3.50 to $9.50 per square foot. Meanwhile, marble flooring can cost from about $15 to $48.00 per square foot.


Your budget plan will be more organized if you use our service, Sheinterior. We will give you materials and colour scheme proposals, each of them will also be matched with your likings.


How Much Does It Cost to Renovate an Old House in Singapore?

Before getting into a massive plan to renovate an old house in Singapore, it is best for you to find some reasonable and good renovation contractor in Singapore. For example, Sheinterior Singapore Home Renovation Company in Woodlands. We do not only design a splendid interior for both your old house, new house, condo, or new flat but also provide you with budget planning depending on your personal budget.


The average cost to renovate an old house is $100.000 to $250.000. It depends on the historical value your house has. Take electrical work as an example. To replace new electrical appliances, you need a $3.500 minimum budget. Yet, if you let Sheinterior help, you will get electronic appliance recommendations at its best price and quality.


The price list of renovating an old house is as follows:

Replace Windows $4.500 – $20.000
Electrical Work $3.500 – $8.000
Replace Plumbing $2.000 – $15.000
Install Central Air Conditioning $600 – $4.600
New Foundation Costs $20.000 – $40.000
Foundation Repair Costs $2.300 – $6.750
Insulate Walls $874 – $2.926
Install Furnace $2.100 – $6.000
Install HVAC, with AC and furnace $4.800 – $9.400


How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a 4-Room apartment in Singapore?

You can renovate a 4-room House & Development Board (apartment) or commonly known as public housing in Singapore, balanced with your budget. Especially, to hire a renovation contractor in Singapore, you will only need Sheinterior to do the honour of renovating!


To do a renovation Singapore apartment, Sheinterior can do a furniture design and colour matching. All are based on your interests. Sheinterest will also provide you with a detailed budget list for each of the furniture needed.


As for a 4-room apartment flat, the average cost is $42.600 to $58.500. Here is the list.

Bedrooms (from light, moderate, to extensive work)

Hacking $100 – $5.200
Masonry $200 – $8.800
Carpentry $200 – $33.700
Ceiling and Partition $600 – $5.000

Kitchens (light – extensive)

Hacking $100 – $3.200
Masonry $200 – $11.300
Carpentry $100 – $17.900
Ceiling and Partition $100 – $1.700


Bathrooms (light – extensive)


Hacking $100 – $6.800
Masonry $100 – $17.500
Carpentry $200 – $9.000
Ceiling and Partition $100 – $3.900


Out of all the budget lists that have been provided, you still need to balance them with your own budget. If you want to renovate an old house in Singapore, pay attention to the historical things, house model, and the furniture because when renovating, there will be a full cost analysis.


Sheinterior, Your Choice of House Renovation Ideas

Looking for a qualified house contractor in Singapore? Then, Sheinterior comes in the right way! Sheinterior will not only provide the best renovation but also has several types of renovation contractor packages. For example, you only need a minimum budget of $10.000 and get a beautiful renovation of apartment BTO or condo. Want to know more?

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