10 Recommended Criteria to Choose Home Renovation Contractors in Singapore

27 Apr, 2021

When you live in Singapore, you have many ways to find home renovation contractors. In this information, you can read the recommended renovation contractors in SingaporeThey are many kinds of contractors that can be chosen by us. 

Choose Home Renovation Contractors

We sometimes confuse to decide the best home renovation contractors. The problem to select a home renovation is the limitation of the places. Besides, the pandemic era restricts some people to find the idea of home renovation design. 

Sheinterior can help us to support the home renovation. Besides, we can consider the other home renovation contractors that we want. 


Where We Find a Good Contractor?

Find a Good Contractor in Singapore


In Singapore, we can find many good home contractors. Here! The list of renovation companies in Singapore. Therefore, let us see the top 10 contractors in Singapore. 


10. Thomson Renovation Contractor 

It provides the improvement project of inside HDB Flat. Besides, it always gives privacy and full services for homeowners and clients. This company also discusses the project with the client or homeowners. This firm always gives updates on new and best HDB renovation contractors in Singapore and giving full service.


9. Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore

It is one of the reliable and reasonable company. The worker of this firm always doing some projects without levelling tools. In this pandemic era, you can share with the professional consultant by online such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media.


8. Craftwerkz Interior Designer and Home Renovation Contractor in Singapore

It is supported by the best experience customer experience. Craftwerkz Interior Pte Ltd makes the home renovation within a comfortable and relaxed situation. We may not feel stress because it provides healthy air and water circulation. 


7. OfficeStac Renovation Contractor Singapore

Officestac companies offer the types of renovation start from office reinstatement, modular office renovation, corporate office renovation, and small office. It is also highly experienced in reinstatement contractors in Singapore.


6. Best Renovation Direct Contractor Singapore

It provides the best renovation direct contractor, so it prepares the cheapest partition and L box in Singapore. 


5. Larry Renovation Contractor in Singapore

It offers a 5 Room HDB Renovation resale that is consists of a luxurious bedroom, bathroom, and a worth living room. We also can renovate the small home and cheap budget.


4. Eight Design and Top Residential Commercial – East Showroom in Singapore

It always offers some giveaways for the clients, for example, new condo owners and resale HDB. It also provides a smaller flat that looks elegant and unique. 


3. Cheong Cheng Renovation Contractor and Carpentry Work

It has the aim to offer experienced renovation and carpentry work. This company makes sure that the firm gives the appropriate and factory pricing without a middleman.


2. Jaystone Renovation Contractor Singapore

Based on the jaystone renovation contractor Singapore review, It has professional and good quality work. Besides, it has professional and good reputable contractors in Singapore. 


1. Sheinterior- Singapore Home Renovation Company in Woodlands

Sheinterior is the best of top interior design in Singapore because sheinterior has some specialities, such as: 

  • Sheinterior offers drawing and a detailed perspective.
  • We can share with the professional consultation.
  • Sheinteriors also make the appropriate spacious planning depending on our budget.
  • Providing match colour and material scheme proposal.
  • Sheinterior supports the providing of electronic appliance recommendations. 


Get Ideas Firm the Leading Contemporary Interior Design Firms in Singapore

Sheinterior not only provides the best HDB renovation contractor in Singapore but also has many types of renovation contractor package, like the below:

  • For the HDB resale design, the range cost starts from $10.000 – $60.000, and the scope of work is full of furniture.
  • The budget is $10.000 into $60.000 for a renovation property of HDB BTO. The scope of work term around from the kitchen, furniture, and wardrobe.
  • If you want to get the service for a condo. It has two types that are consist of resale condo and new condo. For a new condo, the scope of director renovation contractor singapore’s cost is $10.000 – $60.000. Besides, the resale condo needs the cost from $30.000 – $150.0000. 


How Much Should I Spend on a Renovation in Singapore?

The cost range depending on the type of HDB Flat start from $32.000 to $65.200 


How to Renovate a Home Without Busting Your Budget? 

If we renovate a home without breaking our bank, we should need some steps as follow:

  • If you are a homeowner, you can act as a project manager.
  • We can reuse some old materials.
  • Make DIY that can be taken by us via youtube or other sources. 


How do I Choose A Renovation Contractor?

Here, the Best criteria to hire Home Renovation Contractors in Singapore (2021)

  • List the research survey to find an appropriate home renovation contractor.
  • We should plan our budget before creating a renovation.
  • Let’s check the experience and expertise contractor. We can choose Sheinteriors who have some professional consultation. 
  • Make sure to know the estimation of completed projects.
  • Confirmed that the firm has guarantees and warranties. 


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