Reasons Why You Will Love Walk-In Wardrobes

24 Jan, 2021

Walk in closets have rapidly become big trends even in smaller homes. This symbol of luxury doesn’t just look good—it can also bring more functionality and a greater sense of order in your day-to-day life. Best of all, good wardrobe design in Singapore can make your house feel grander and ultimately increase its value.

Dreaming of stepping into your own walk-in closet every morning to get dressed and ready for the day? You won’t regret the decision to build one in your home. Here are just some of the many reasons why it’s always a great investment:

Stay organized

When you have a walk-in wardrobe, it’s so much easier to organize your things in see everything you have. There’s enough space to store and display all your items—from hanging space is for your gowns and suits to small storage solutions for watches and jewellery collections.

Having a dedicated space for all your clothes, shoes, and accessories will make getting ready every day so much more efficient. It also brings a sense of luxury and joy to getting dressed.

Save money

Did you know that storing your wardrobe items in one room with full visibility can save you money? Here’s why: When you see everything you have and can take account for all the items you already own, you will stop unwittingly purchasing more of the same things. A walk-in wardrobe also helps you appreciate all your pieces and can curb your desire to shop all the time.

Create a private retreat

You can get much needed privacy and personal space in a dedicated dressing room. Fill it with things you love so you can hang out there at the end of a busy day, if you wish. Bringing in a chair as well as additional features such as a huge mirror, a dressing island, or a dressing table doesn’t just provide extra function in the room—it also makes the space cosier and more comfortable.

Take better care of your clothes and accessories

Walk in closets encourage ventilation, thereby preventing mildew in mould. Having dedicated hanging space is for your clothes allows them to breathe. They’re not all jammed together, so they won’t crease much—which means less ironing.

Showcase your collections beautifully

Do you have priced the sessions such as handbags in gorgeous materials, or perhaps custom-made dresses from prestigious designers? Display them in your walk-in wardrobe so you can appreciate them every time you step into the space. Take advantage of the racks, shelving, display units, hooks, etc. and take pride in what you own. You can even arrange your walk-in closet so that it looks like a little boutique.

Maximize awkward spaces

With good wardrobe design in Singapore, you can make use of available space in your home optimally. A walk-in closet can be custom built for your specific storage needs and to utilize any redundant or awkward spot.

Ready to build your own walk-in closet? It will take a lot of work—which is why it’s often more practical to hire an interior design expert to do it for you. Regardless of whether you decide to go the DIY route or hire a designer and contractor to execute your plan, it’s important to understand how to design a walk-in wardrobe that will truly be functional. Here are some tips on wardrobe design in Singapore to get you started.

Walk in wardrobe plans can be drawn by hand or using software. The latter is very useful if you’re considering many different design options as it makes it easier to edit the plan.

  1. Think about your needs.

Visualize what you want to store in your walk-in closet and how you want to store them. Do an inventory of your clothes, shoes, and accessories if you have a lot. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you need more hanging storage or drawers?

Do you need storage for suits, gowns, or long winter coats?

Do you hang your belts or prefer to roll them? Do you hang your ties or prefer to roll them?

Do you prefer to hang slacks and pants draped over dowel rods, or full length?

Do you prefer drawers or open shelving?

Do you need custom dividers in jewellery drawers?

The key is to account for everything that you want to put in your closet, then think about what size each storage section should be based on what item you will put in them.

  1. Measure the space.

Get the dimensions of the area or room where you want to put your walk-in closet so you can draw up a floor plan. Note the location of any windows or doors as well as electrical outlets, air vents, light switches, etc. This will help prevent surprises later on.

  1. Start creating an overall plan.

Divide your walk-in wardrobe into logical sections. Come up with different configurations and choose the best version for you—the one that suits your specific needs and aesthetics. Remember: You want to create a walk-in closet that you will be happy to step into every day.

This is also the time to set a budget. Don’t forget to take into account what you will spend on seemingly small things that are actually expensive—like door handles, cabinet pulls, and lighting. Your budget should be realistic, with some room for unexpected things or small upgrades.

  1. Design each section.

How many separate built-in sections do you need to build/will fit on the length and the height of each wall? Think about the function that each section will perform. You might benefit from or shelves or more drawers than hanging storage, depending on your needs.

When planning hanging sections, there should be space above the hanging bar—around 3 to 4 inches—so you can comfort of the get hangers on and off it. You also have to think about how high you can comfortably reach as you decide where to store certain items. Things that you use regularly should be easy to access, without the need for a step stool.

  1. Build in phases.

If you intend to do a DIY walk in wardrobe, take your time. Build and install sections in phases so that you have room to adjust the next section should there be mistakes along the way.

Get help from experts

Are you ready to build a walk-in wardrobe in your home? Whether you want a simple closet or an elaborate boutique-like space, we can help. SHE Interior is one of the top wardrobe designers and builders in Singapore. We can design a custom closet base on your space, budget, and unique requirements, making sure that it is not only functional but also beautiful. Check out the walk-in wardrobe projects we have completed on our website. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your project.





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