Renovation Package in Singapore: Where to Get Reasonable Price?

7 Jun, 2021

home renovation packages in singapore

Buying a new house is everyone’s dream. Saving some money and spending it on an HDB flat or a landed property is going to be the biggest purchase you will ever make. That is why you need to have renovation packages in Singapore. Especially if you just bought a new HDB flat or HDB resale, you definitely need HDB resale renovation package promotion! But, how to break down all the costs?


5 Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Budget Renovation Package

Talking about a renovation package Singapore, you might think that a whole kitchen renovation package 2021 is too pricey, or other parts of the home probably. Actually, it is not like what you thought it would be. It all depends on several aspects that are important which will be further discussed.


What is the Type of Your Home?

Is it an HDB flat, condo, or landed property? The type of home will hugely determine the renovation cost. Usually, a new home renovation costs less than an old home. In order to get a simple renovation package of good quality, you can try to contact Sheinterior! With Sheinterior, we will propose space planning based on your interest.


How Old is It?


Similar to the type of home, a resale flat or landed property cost more than a new one. Why? Because an older home needs more upgrades of plumbing, hacking, and others. That is why you need to prepare for an extra budget.


How Much Work Do You Want?

Whether you wish for a cheap resale renovation package or renovation for the entire home, you need to know which work you want to be done. Is it only for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen as well? More work, more payment. But do not worry, with Sheinterior, we will discuss the budget planning with you professionally!




Do you have a special taste in marbles? Or even woods? Consider materials you want, still you have to fit everything with the budget.


Contractor or Firm in Singapore


Different companies, different charges. But, relax. Sheinterior will provide you with renovation Singapore packages that you can choose depending on what you desire. Especially, with our materials and color scheme proposal, we assure you get the best renovation contractor Singapore, including an interior designer that can also match each furniture with the colors and maximize the functions. 


How Much Does a Renovation in Singapore Cost?

renovation in Singapore cost


For an average 4-room flat renovation package 2021, an estimated cost is about $43,000 to $45,000. While for a resale flat can cost about $67,000 to $82,000. Here is how to break it down.


Living Room $2,100 to $7,900
Kitchen $8,900 to $23,200
Master Bedroom $11,500 to $44,600
Bathroom $1,300 to $2,600


“Can I Get a Home Renovation in Singapore?”

get a home renovation singapore packages


Of course! Firstly, you can try to break down the work you need for your home based on the estimated budget list that has been mentioned before. To get a home renovation in Singapore, please do understand each of your home areas. For instance, which room you want to be renovated, or which design you want to be applied to each room.


Besides, choosing between an interior design or a contractor may be a little difficult. But, note this. Usually, an interior designer costs more than a contractor because they not only design but also do space planning as well.


Otherwise, a contractor costs less due to its main job. They probably will only charge you for construction materials and labor. The downside of that is that you still need to conceptualize the design by yourself and manage the project from the beginning. It might be a pressure for those of you who do not fully understand interior designs.


To simplify, the budget list is only the estimation of the home renovation in Singapore. But, you can always adjust the price with the type, size, condition, and how much work you need. Lastly, do not forget to reach Sheinterior if you need anything to help with home interior designs!


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