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9 Jul, 2020
Singapore Kitchen Renovation

Small but sleek, don’t underestimate what this condominium unit has to offer just because of its small size. Located in prime real estate along East Cost road, the size of the unit may not be as big as another similarly priced in a further district, but for what it has, the unit lives up to the price tag.

Sporting a luxurious look, the dark and muted tones ooze with sophistication and an air of class. Right from the entrance, the kitchen uses a dark yet glossy look which creates a sense of luxury to it. With the dark and matte cupboard finishes, the initial façade of the home appears almost mysterious, absorbing the light and making for a very sleek look. However, with the under counter light in glistening orange, the appearance of the space evolves into a much more serious and refined space. The off-white lighting choice is the perfect pairing with the dark palette of the area.

White light can sometimes be very jarring, and especially with the already dark and matte finish of the cupboards, such a big contrast between the cupboards and the lighting source can come across as almost tacky even. Hence, going with the orange light was a safer and more rewarding choice in this case as it allows the kitchen counter to retain that dark look that it was meant to have, and yet at the same time, allows for a good amount of light onto the counter top.

While the space in the home may be limited, the owners have squeezed every bit of the space to maximize its usability. Instead of having a full-sized dining table, a bar counter replaces the conventional dining space. With a smaller household, the owners could afford a smaller dining option, plus opting for a ‘skinny’ option, the counter takes up even less space. With the bar counter, the home also keeps an executive like feeling to it. The casualness of the bar also reflects the youth and status of the homeowners.

The over-head bar is another gentle nudge I the right direction here. With the bottles of liquor stored right at the counter, the dinner-drink pairing has never been more easily established. The over-head bar keeps the bottles on display as a nice décor choice in the home. An easy to establish look, however, the effects are complex and make for a very mature looking space, the perfect look for your first home.

The living space is also very well established. In homes with limited space, it makes sense to keep the living and dining areas open. In this living room, the royal blue sofa seats make for a professional looking setting, a perfect pairing to the established atmosphere from the kitchen and dining space.

Any physical separation, walls, partitions or anything else, will just take up floor space, and subdivide the limited room into smaller and smaller chunks, and in the end, neither rooms looks very impressive.

However, by creating a carpeted region on the living space (and a television console to match the length of the carpet), the end effect is as effective as creating a physical space to separate the rooms, without having to actually keep them separated. The imaginary visual line from wall to wall makes a clear indication of where is the living space and where is the dining space, without having to explicitly say so, hence saving floor space.

Keeping the laundry space in the bathroom may not have been the choice of the homeowners, but by all accounts, it does make sense. Without too much trouble, the dirty clothes can easily be moved to the wash in this small home, and also hidden out of sight for when you have guests. The long bathroom here has made great use of the extended length to put in a stretch mirror across the length. The mirror creates an illusion of greater space and prevents the feeling of claustrophobia within such a small bathroom.

Finally, the master bedroom makes for a minimal but sophisticated look. With a simple wardrobe, there is not much need for further decoration here, but pendant night lights make for a well-fitting choice of accent pieces. The small pop of green also brightens up the room and makes for an exciting addition.

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