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20 Aug, 2021

The kitchen is the heart of your home – where your family gathers, food preparation, cooks up delicious meals and gathers around to share good times. Every kitchen needs a purpose so that it can be a place for cooking, socializing, and even studying. When designing your kitchen, think about what you need in it.

Picking out kitchen exteriors is not as challenging as choosing kitchen interiors. You need the finished kitchen to look just right for your living space. 

The kitchen interior design will complement the kitchen’s function as well as the aesthetics of your whole house. Remember those kitchen appliances also need to be functional.

What kitchen design should you choose, it all depends on your kitchen’s function. There are kitchen interior design styles that will be ideal for certain kitchen functions. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about kitchen interior design that’ll suit your beautiful HDB kitchen.

Refreshed Rustic.

Refreshed Rustic kitchen designs rely on natural themes and materials for their kitchen design. This kitchen design type is ideal for interior design kitchen that have both an industrial design and interiors that use natural elements.

Refreshed rustic kitchen designs are warm and inviting. While these kitchens could be bigger, they are not very common due to their kitchen size. If you need more space, this kitchen design is not the best option for you.

These kitchen interiors pay tribute to the olden times, but with a modern twist. They use oak wood and wooden furniture to create a warm kitchen environment that anyone can enjoy. In this kitchen design type, you’ll find kitchen islands made from the same materials as your cabinets to add a little contrast and make your kitchen even more unique.


A Clean Slate.

While kitchen interiors can be used for a variety of functions, kitchen designs that focus on function are the most practical. These kitchen design types prioritize kitchen space over aesthetics. They have Kitchen cabinets with long drawers that make storage and retrieval easy.

In this type of kitchen interior design Singapore, you’ll find ergonomic kitchen islands with stools or chairs to encourage communication among family members in the kitchen while they cook food together. The combination will greatly enhance the functionality and usability of your kitchen and facilitate better bonding within your family.

Kitchen countertops are another element to consider when planning your kitchen remodelling project. While granite is often considered a standard option, quartz or concrete counters might be more fitting for certain modern kitchens.

Natural Elements.

Designing kitchen interiors using natural elements like exposed brick, stone, or concrete kitchen countertops is becoming increasingly popular.

Using natural raw materials brings the kitchen area to a more subtle and sophisticated level as they are able to add depth and texture which compliments well with the kitchen design.

Stone kitchen counters are very popular among customers as they provide more durability and longevity for your kitchen than using some other materials to construct kitchen countertops like granite.

Galley Kitchen

The galley kitchen design enables an HDB owner in limited space to be practical and compact. Our goal is to have the space as good as I can. Maximise the space with as many built-ins as you can. 

Make the foundation walls darker and heavier and paint the upper cabinets lighter. It will help you feel less trapped. Maximise storage with keeping your storage on one side rather than two. Stick to a stovetop. 

It’s probably better to leave this appliance on it instead of put on the counters. For example a built-in oven will be preferable to the placement of the appliances at the counter.


Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is arguably in the most desired kitchen design. Also extremely practical it serves as storage space as well as the cooking area. Use your island to reduce the space. 

You can also furnish this room with more seats and transform it into an eating area. Similarly, an island counter portable is useful and can be rolled when you need more space and locked up when you don’t need it! You’ll never be restricted by the small island placed right in their center. Portable is a good way for incorporating an island kitchen counter within the home.


Tropical Chic kitchen.

The kitchen design Singapore is a kitchen interior that will be suitable for any kitchen belonging to people in this tropical city.

Some people might think that kitchen interior design is only shown with installing steel or glass kitchen cabinets, but the kitchen can be decorated in order to create an elegant and luxurious look at home as a kitchen organizer who serves the family needs.

The kitchen has a modern kitchen look, yet it’s softened with a light tinge of tropical chic. The kitchen features a kitchen island and an open-concept kitchen. It includes durable quartz countertops and flooring as well as contemporary stainless steel appliances.



Kitchens are no longer just places for preparation. They’re expressions of the Kitchener, his or her food and kitchenware as well as themselves.

Everything from the kitchen’s color to its design can be chosen with thought. You can now find even more inspiration online to help you decide on what kitchen will best work for you.

Trending Green.

Green kitchen design has been trending for the past few years. It is because kitchen color and the kitchen finishing materials have a significant impact on the kitchen’s level of hygiene, as kitchen surfaces are easily contaminated with bacteria.

The kitchen paints that have a “green” hue, such as small amounts of green and blue or teal, will result in living kitchens that emit a natural calming effect. In addition, kitchen paints with these hues are also known to promote better moods and feelings of peace.

Green kitchen design includes incorporating aspects from nature in the kitchen. For instance, you can incorporate an indoor tree into your kitchen to provide a more organic feel to your kitchen space whilst also providing an additional partition for separation.


Cool Black.

Black kitchen interior design has been a popular kitchen color for a while now, and it’s no surprise why. The coolness of black kitchen paint provides an elegant backdrop to most kitchen designs, allowing the kitchen itself to take center stage.

Black kitchen design is a kitchen that you can use to add definition and drama to the kitchen’s overall look. It will also make choosing kitchen decor easier, as black kitchen cabinets design Singapore and kitchen hardware come in a wide range of options.

Kitchen cabinet color is also another way that you can bring some drama into the space. By incorporating kitchen cabinets with a variety of colorings and finishes, kitchen designers can create kitchen spaces that are almost too gorgeous to cook in.

Find what works best for your kitchen space

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and a well-designed kitchen would certainly help you whip up amazing dishes and spreads with ease. So, it’s time to put some thought into how you would want to shape out your kitchen.

The right kitchen design will depend on a number of factors. It would be best to find out more about your needs and requirements before you start shopping for the perfect designs.

These range from budget constraints, personal preferences, comfort levels as well as the availability of space in the house or HDB.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to interiors for kitchens these days – whether it’s traditional or contemporary designs, open-concept or confined spaces with dividers like walls and partitioning screens, there’s something that can work for every need without straining budgets too much. 

You could also add some life to your home by choosing an adventurous colour scheme! The choice is yours now!

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