11 Most Stylish Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in Singapore

1 Jul, 2022

HDB kitchen design is one of the most important rooms in the home and should not be forgotten about. The kitchen is the most used room in the home and has a great impact on the overall feel of the house. If you are looking for the most modern HDB kitchen design ideas, then you are in the right place. There are some great design ideas that you can take from the kitchens that you see in the photos that follow. In addition to some very cool features that are added to some of these kitchen design, you will also find some things that you can do to update your own kitchen.

Scandinavian Theme Kitchen Design

When it comes to HDB kitchen makeover, the Scandinavian motif is one of the greatest options. Scandinavian interior design is characterized by light colors, simplicity, and a clutter-free environment. Install plain white shelves and cabinets to keep things simple. 

Open shelves should be avoided since they can make a room appear crowded. Keep as much as possible in storage to keep the number of goods on the counters to a minimum. Of course, you may add a splash of color to the kitchen to make it more exciting. This might take the shape of dark-colored kitchen equipment or a dark-colored countertop to balance out the light-colored items. There are 4 main elements to creating the Scandinavian style: 

Having a natural color scheme with white, grey, and black accents 

The kitchen looks incredibly clean and uncomplicated when some black pieces are contrasted with lighter backgrounds like white and light grey. In addition to being easy on the eyes, it gives your home a very beachy-villa feel.

Have a lot of vegetation and wood 

Make sure to purchase potted plants to decorate your HDB kitchen because these are essential for bringing warmth to the space against the stark backdrop. Additionally, it adds a splash of color to your room.

Let natural light in 

Try to construct an open window to let the sunlight in if you want to get the Scandinavian aesthetic. By just allowing the natural light from the outside to light up the HDB kitchen instead of using electricity, the natural light from the outside opens up the room and makes it appear much wider and more open.

Make sure there are no sharp contrasts

Make sure your HDB kitchen’s light color scheme is not drastically contrasted by your appliances or decor. The lines and objects should complement the overall interior design of the room rather than standing out. For more advice on Scandinavian interior design, you can consult a specialist.

Open Concept Kitchen Design

An open concept HDB kitchen not only saves the kitchen space but is also fashionable these days. Your entire HDB or condo seems wide and airy when there are no visible boundaries dividing the HDB kitchen from the living area. 

Below is a HDB kitchen that we restored; notice how the countertop can also be used for eating. This open concept is both attractive and elegant, as well as utilitarian, since it allows for dining without taking up additional room. This is the most typical form of HDB kitchen design, especially for studio HDBs and smaller households. It occupies a less amount of HDB kitchen space. Even though it spans less surface area, it does not look cramped due to its open idea.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

If you don’t have a lot of room in your HDB kitchen, a minimalist interior design is the way to go. One of the most popular modern kitchen design themes for small areas is this. Sleek lines, uncomplicated hardware, and a lack of clutter characterize minimalist kitchen design. 

Minimalist hardware is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a minimalist kitchen design. Simple and elegant cabinet pulls and knobs are ideal. Clean lines and minimum clutter are other hallmarks of a minimalist kitchen design. Keep your counters tidy and declutter your HDB kitchen by removing any superfluous objects.

Bright Kitchen Design

A white-themed kitchen design instantly brightens up the entire HDB kitchen. A white theme will be especially handy if you have a small HDB kitchen since it will make the area feel wide and large. White cabinets can be paired with a light grey or beige backsplash. To fit the overall white concept, the floor tiles might be white or pastel-colored. Cleaning a white-themed HDB kitchen takes more effort, but it exhibits it gracefully and stylishly. 

Keep the kitchen as useful as possible. Only include components that will be useful to you, so you don’t waste room with extraneous objects. To offer optimum usefulness, provide adequate HDB kitchen space in the form of counters.

The Kitchen Breakfast Counters

A small breakfast counter may help give your HDB kitchen a fresh and sophisticated appeal. In any kind of HDB kitchen, whether open-concept or traditional, a breakfast section or counter can be installed. 

Any construction material, such as wood, aluminum, PVC, metal, or fiberglass, can be used to make this breakfast counter. Depending on how much room you have, it may be mounted directly to a wall or put in the center of the kitchen.

High-tech Kitchen Appliances

In luxury modern HDB kitchen designs, high-tech appliances are becoming increasingly fashionable. Your HDB kitchens are getting increasingly outfitted with the newest gadgets and gizmos as we become more reliant on technology. High-tech appliances may improve the efficiency and usability of your HDB kitchen. There are a range of high-tech appliances available, ranging from refrigerators that can build a shopping list to ovens that can be operated with your smartphone.

But just because your HDB kitchen is high-tech doesn’t mean it can’t also be stylish. There are a number of ways you can integrate high-tech appliances into your kitchen design without sacrificing style.

Sleek and Simple Cabinet Kitchen Design

There are many various interior design styles to select from when creating a kitchen design, but one of the most popular is a sleek and basic aesthetic. Clean lines, uncluttered counters, and minimal ornamentation characterize this style of the kitchen. This is an excellent place to start if you’re seeking for HDB kitchen design ideas. 

Cabinetry that is sleek and minimalistic is a prominent feature of this style. Consider utilizing flat-panel doors with basic hardware to accomplish the effect. Also, keep in mind that excessive elements should be avoided in favor of a more minimalist approach.


The Kitchen Exciting Tiled Backsplash 

When it comes to keeping things basic in your kitchen, the cabinets, countertops, and floor come to mind. This isn’t to say that you can’t bring a sense of surprise and excitement to some portions of the kitchen during the restoration process. 

Using unusual patterned backsplash tiles is one way to bring a touch of style and flare to your kitchen. These tiles may be used to create eye-catching interior designs in the shape of patchwork or other geometrical patterns.

Galley Kitchen Design

A galley kitchen design is one with a long but not particularly narrow area. It can accommodate fittings on both of the kitchen’s long walls, allowing the fittings to run parallel to one another. 

When you have a restricted amount of HDB kitchen space, especially one that is long and rectangular, you must plan it correctly. This entails fitting as many HDB kitchen gadgets as possible into as little HDB kitchen space as feasible while yet allowing people to walk about freely.

Cool Color Themes Kitchen Design

Choose cool, deep, and soothing colors for your kitchen to create stunning interior design themes that will captivate everybody who walks in. The choice of cool colors encourages you to enjoy the process of food preparation and cooking, making it less of a chore. 

A fantastic example of such a HDB kitchen may be seen in the image below, which was remodeled by us. The cupboards and shelves are a deep, soothing blue, while the countertop is white. Through the use of accent and recessed lighting, the color theme is well balanced.

The Kitchen Island

Adding a HDB kitchen island to your HDB kitchen during remodeling is one of the finest methods to add flair and elegance. You may be afraid that it will take up more room, but the utility and convenience it provides are well worth the extra HDB kitchen space. 

The island may be used for both sitting and dining. There might be shelves built within the island that can be used for storage. During meal preparation, the countertop may be used in a variety of ways. If your kitchen is larger, you may invest in a huge island and have the sink installed there.

The Kitchen Renovation Cost Considerations

Renovations to the kitchen can be expensive, especially considering all the numerous features it includes, such as: 

  • appliances
  • carpentry 
  • plumber’s work 
  • desk tops 
  • electricity and gas 

Appliances For Your Dream HDB Kitchen

Everyone fantasizes of having a fantasy kitchen where they can dance and prepare meals. Here are our opinions if you’re thinking about buying appliances to help you step it up!

Air fryer

An air fryer is useful in many different ways in the kitchen. Without using any oil, it uses a hot air circulation technique to fry the components that are present from all directions. Explore other air-frying recipes besides our favorite fried foods for that extra crunch! The best feature is its simple cleaning process, which eliminates mess, grease, and the need to scour oily pots.

Food processor

You might not feel the need for a food processor in the kitchen if you have a small family. A food processor is the ideal gadget for a modern kitchen if you have a large family or want to make meal preparation easier for special occasions.

Bluetooth speaker and stand kitchen

Consider a Bluetooth speaker with superb sound quality and simple voice commands if you want to be able to dance and cook in the kitchen. Kitchen hands-free, because why not!

Sous cooker 

Your family will be fed well thanks to the sous vide cooker’s innovative cooking method. You can cook flawlessly while maximizing the nutritional value of a dish by controlling temperature easily and quickly during the cooking process in the kitchen.


Choosing The Right Countertop Material for your Kitchen Design


Your kitchen concrete countertop can be personalized in a variety of ways, including the colors used and how it is finished (whether it is smooth, ground, or made to resemble marble). However, in terms of maintenance, it is comparable to that of marble, where it is advised to wax it with a paste every two to three months and seal it up to four times a year.


The most popular and widely used material for countertops is granite. This is because the materials are fairly accessible and therefore somewhat economical for your kitchen. 


A wood countertop will quickly make your kitchen feel cozier. They are also rather simple to clean, and any scratches may be removed with sandpaper. To protect the surface from any water that can harm your countertop, be sure to get your wood countertop regularly oiled.


Because it is softer than granite, this material needs to be handled carefully and with more care for your kitchen. As such, natural stone needs to be routinely sealed.


This countertop material, which is available in a variety of patterns and colors, is certainly among the most reasonably priced ones on the market. However, it has the drawback of potentially scorching the kitchen countertop if a hot pan touches it and may not be as scratch-resistant as the other materials described. 


On whatever choice is ideal for your kitchen, it is essential to speak with your contractor or interior designer. This guarantees not only that you stay within your initial budgetary constraints but also that your layout and interior design strategy won’t be misunderstood or confused along the route.


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