Interior Renovation Singapore: Instantly Transform Your Home

12 Aug, 2021

Interior Renovation Singapore: Instantly Transform Your Home

Are you looking to renovate your home? If so, then you have come to the right place. We provide a full range of renovation services for our customers in Singapore and we are proud to say that we can turn any house into a dream home. Whether you want help with painting, flooring, or anything else related to the inside of your home’s walls and ceilings-we’ve got it all! Contact us today for more information about how our interior designers can make your next renovation project happen quickly and easily!


A wide range of home interior design and renovation packages to give your home a new look

The HDB BTO renovation and interior design packages offer complete house painting and the Installation of the sink cabinets and tables in the kitchen. The package contains interior design services alongside supplying all necessary masonry plumbing and carpentry work. SHEinterior offers to home owners a visualisation designs service of interiors with our renovation or interior design package. We present you with a 3-D perspective drawing of your home which you may update before we present the final plan. We help you to make our houses look and feel like new with our professional team cleaning services.

About SheInterior

SHE Interior Design Pte Ltd is a brother company Meticulous creation by Eugene She & Ryan She. We strongly believe in the principle that the client’s Design, Service & Quality are paramount. We specialise in Residential Interior / Exterior design, Commercial /office interior design, Plannerure works and A&A Works. We leading and provide Space planning & Budget planning, 3D Perspective drawing & free Design Consultation.

Regardless of the size interior design project, all our renovation projects will receive the same amount of dedication & attention. No customer requirements too challenging for our interior designers to fulfil your dream. At SHEinterior team we are reliable and committed to always ensure clients satisfaction.


Useful Tips Before Your Interior Design Project

When you feel uncomfortable with the plan or interior design of your household here are some important ideas to think about. What budget can be assigned to the interior project? How much time will we spend there and the place that we live?

The fact that your company offers excellent customer reviews should help you conduct your Due Process. Pricing is a different issue – don’t be tempted by the cheapest offer! Check product label quality. Consult about the interior design and orientation of your homes according to your surroundings. This will influence the illumination and feng shui of your home. Being pleasant doesn’t always have to mean an attractive home; it needs function and ease of ownership.

Find out what you want to change about your home and prioritize the changes.

Painting: Change the color of your home’s walls or ceilings to any hue you desire. Our interior designer can help with interior design by creating a plan for painting and staining that complements your furnishings, colors, textures and flooring. Our painters are experts in their field and provide fast service so you don’t have to wait too long to see the finished product.

Flooring: You might be thinking of new floors for your home interior, and our interior designer have a wide range of options available that can complement any room in your house. With our flooring expertise you will know which type is best suited for your needs!

Textures & Finishes: Along with painting and flooring, we also offer a range of textures and finishes to help you personalize your home. From wood panels for the walls, wainscoting or crown mouldings on the ceiling-we have it all!

Take measurements of the space.

Measure the length and width of your intended area before deals with renovation packages.

Do you have furniture or other objects that will need to be moved? Make a list of what will require relocation so we can provide you with an accurate estimate.

How would you like us to address any potential safety hazards in the room, such as electrical outlets, stairs, pets or small children? We recommend hiring a professional interior design firm for this if it is not something that you are comfortable doing on your own.”

Choose a color scheme for each room in your house.

– Consider the current color scheme in your house and how it might be related to a specific theme or personality.

– Is there a particular color scheme that is popular in your area?

– Consider the colors of any furniture or floors you have already installed.

– Living Room: Choose a color scheme that is most representative of your personality. Perhaps you want to create a living room with fresh, clean colors or one full of vibrant hues! We will offer help in selecting the right paint and finding the perfect shades for your space.

– Kitchen: Selecting the right kitchen design can be difficult, but with our help you will be able to pick out the perfect design for your home. We offer many different styles and colors-so don’t worry if you can’t decide right away!

Check with your homeowners’ association or landlord to find out if there are any restrictions on painting, decorating, or renovating your home’s interior.

– First, think about what you want to change in your home.

– Measure the length and width of the intended area.

– Make a list of anything that will require moving so we can give you an accurate estimate.

– Choose a color scheme for each room or use one throughout your house if it suits you best! Remember to check with your homeowners’ association or landlord before starting any renovations.”

Home renovation ideas Singapore.

It’s always exciting to think about what you want your home renovation Singapore to look like. The possibilities are endless and it can be overwhelming, but luckily there is an app for that! Home design apps allow homeowners (or those who aspire) the opportunity to plan their house or HDB’s layout with a 3D floor planner before they jump into construction costs.

This saves time as well money because nothing will go wrong if you have already planned exactly how things should be done from scratch on paper first of all with love in mind: color schemes, furnishings choices such as chairs and tables- even small touches like rugs! When thinking about renovations one must consider both aesthetic upgrades, such as new paint colors or furniture pieces.


Let’s renovation Your New Home with our Reliable Interior Designers Team

Every day I looked through the window at what seemed like a construction site. It was actually my school that they were renovating, and it’s finally done!

I’ve been waiting for this renovation to be over since we started three months ago. Finally, yesterday morning, when I went into class-it, was all different now; so new and shiny!

Renovation is a common business in Singapore. They have been doing it for over 50 years now and are one of the pioneers in this industry. It has grown exponentially with new challenges every day, but they always find their way to overcome these obstacles head-on!

Interior Designer in Singapore

SHEinterior is an interior design firm in Singapore helping homeowners make their dreams of homes come into existence. Swiss Interior brings to customers over years of experience in interior design and has helped more than 500 homeowners turn this dream a reality. There are many kinds and types of interior style available so please consult with us. From 3-room to 4-room BTO packages, we can offer a huge variety of branded products in all our packages that are in high-quality quality. When you are looking to have an enjoyable experience look at our renovation Singapore programs.


Get a match

If you are looking for an interior designer in Singapore, it may seem like there is an endless variety to choose from.  The challenge becomes narrowing down your choices and finding the best fit for your specific needs. 

Get free estimates for your next project and we’ll match you with a designer that satisfies your taste and your budget. We would be happy to provide any consultation or guidance you need in order to make these decisions so that you can find what works best for your space. What Ideas You Might Want? Let talk

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