5 Interior Design Hacks to Maximise HDB 2 Room Flat in Singapore

22 Jun, 2021

Do you always feel like you are running out of space? Having a small space for your house and you cannot figure out how to fix things like this can always be your nightmare. But, if you can reach for the help of creative interior design in Singapore, and it would never be wrong! 

Whether  you are planning to renovate your HDB 2 room flat interior design or maybe just renovate for a smaller space of your house, these tips below will definitely help you to give some inspiration and help to make better use of your limited space.


Sliding Doors Can Be a Good Choice

There are several kinds of doors for home, but not all of them can have an efficient function due to their size. Choosing sliding doors for some parts in your HDB flat is a good choice. You can save a lot of wall and floor space by replacing swinging doors with the sliding options. This easy and innovative modification can make your house look more open and large.


Built-Ins to Optimize Your Home

Built-Ins for example, full-height cabinetry, can be effectively designed with a mix of closed cabinets and open shelves. This will let you arrange your stuff like books, photo frames, and toys better. Additionally, it helps to clear the clutter from your room and expands the floor area of your home magnificently. 


Bring Open Living to Your Home

Everyone loves having a beautiful home with a large space, but when your home looks dark and enclosed, it will look smaller than it is. You don’t want to experience it? Then you should go for an open HDB floor plan. You can remove the whole partition between the dining room, kitchen, and living room. Then, you will create a single, open living room.

Hacking down a wall is to merge the living room and bedroom into one large open area. However, Your room will be  filled with light tones, which preserve it looking light and fresh. Do not worry, with Sheinterior, we will propose space planning based on your savings!


Raised Platforms for Multiple Ways

Raised platforms can be more than just a storage, especially when space is limited. For example, if you have two children, you can create a bunk bed with a raised platform near the window. This will free up much space in the room while also making it more convenient for children.


Set Your Budget for a 2-Bedroom Flat

When you are planning a new flat that has to be improved, the average price of house renovation in Singapore is around ,000 to ,000. Clearly, the budget of renovating a 2-room flat would be less than the Singaporean average, but perhaps you should still be ready to invest thousands of dollars. It is better to make an interior design HDB plan for your budget before hiring the right HDB interior designer.  


How Much Does a flat 2-Room Cost?


Before you calculate all the cost you need for HDB renovation, you can consider some parts that are included in HDB renovation. A flat 2-room usually is unfurnished and the contractor should do the sanitary fittings and internal doors.

They also need to do floor finishes for the bedrooms and living rooms, it also includes a kitchen partition wall. Other elderly fittings (buyers who choose this must also invest in the floor finishes). They also have to do basic electrical wiring to guarantee that there are proper electrical connections.


How Much Does a 2-Room HDB Flat Cost?

There are many top interior design companies with creative portfolios in Singapore. Before considering the creative interior design Singapore, you should know first about several things like your flat age, its condition, and the extent of the work that must be done. These are the key factors that will influence the cost of the renovation package to give you an affordable interior design singapore. For example, Sheinterior!


With Sheinterior, Create The Best Version of Your Home!

No matter the size of home you have, you should be smart in creating the most comfortable and convenient space for you. With Sheinterior, you can acquire a professional design consultation and more benefits to come! Go visit our website and see our previous portfolio for your inspiration. The beauty starts from your house with the help of Sheinterior! You are always welcomed to our showroom in 21 Woodlands Close or simply give us a call!


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