How Do I Renovate HDB Singapore 2021?

26 May, 2021

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When we talking about Home renovation ideas not only about changing the layout of your main room such as the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Sometimes you can also contract the renovation contractor in Singapore to renovate the bedroom for your children with a specific theme that they like.


How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A House In Singapore?



Generally, renovating a house in Singapore is quite expensive, as it cost more than $10000 for limited house coverage. The price will be higher if you want to remodel the entire house.


In calculating the budget of renovation ideas to your house, you can look at how large the house, because the larger it is means the more materials that will be used to renovate your house.


How many rooms need to be renovated, will it cover limited is only or will you change the entire rooms. The budget will also be determined in how many days the works will be done, more detailed design will need more time to finish. And of course, the installation and additional renovation ideas will need to be calculated also.


How Much Does It Cost To Renovate A 4 Room HDB?


4 room HDB


4-room HDB resale might seem to be more expensive than 5-room HDB interior. In many cases, HDB renovation ideas are lower compare to release products. However, the prices for the resale package are understandable; because the contractor not only renovates the houses but also redesigns the interior design which sometimes includes replacing the old furniture with the new one.


By choosing the reslate package, it does not only include full home design renovation, but it also includes assistance in choosing and rearranging the furniture. the resale package also needs more time to be completed.


Let’s look at the estimation for the budget comparison of interior design in Singapore, especially between 3,4, and 5 rooms HDB and Resale package. For a 3-room HDB interior, you will need to spend at least $32000 as the release 3-room interior costs more than $420000 which is similar to the cost of 4-room HDB.


As for 5_room HDB, the cost is estimated around up to $52000 while the resale one is more than $65000. it can be said that the resale package is a lot more expensive than the HDB package, and the expected time to complete the resale renovation is also longer than HDB. For 3 to 5-room HDB, it can be completed between 3 to 7 weeks while for the resale renovation, it is mostly done 7 to 8 weeks.


If you plan to renovate your 3,4, and 5 rooms houses, why don’t you try to contact Sheinterior marketing?


Instead of wasting money by renovating the houses by yourself that require harsh labour and stress, why don’t you trust us with the renovation plan? The benefit of signing a contract with us includes professional design consultation, proposed space planning, and detailed perspective drawings.


How Do I Renovate HDB?



In taking HDB renovation Singapore, several steps need to be done

house renovation ideas. First, you need to ensure whether you need assistance in dealing with remodelling the houses or not, if you can’t deal with the renovation on yourself and your budget is more than $30000 then we recommend you get an ID instead of redesigning the houses by yourself.


Because an ID will do most of the major design problems including designing the work, conceptualizing, sourcing materials, and assigning the project management. If you want to redesign it by yourself with the help of a contractor to finish your ideas then you are also welcome to do so.


What Is Qanvast?


If you have any questions regarding the budget and things that need to be prepared for the renovation, you can check SHEinterior on the Qanvast website. This site will help you to calculate the budget that you probably need to pay for the renovation.


It also gives you a list of what should be done before and during the renovation process, so you don’t lose track of your tract. It also provides professional help for those who want to renovate the houses. Besides, the website also provides detailed information about the materials that are used for the renovation which you can choose.


Why don’t you try and check your budget and let She Interior help you in finding the perfect design for your house?


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