Find Out How Much It Would Cost You To Renovate Your Property

24 Sep, 2021

How to find how much it would cost you to renovate your property. Here are some things you should take into consideration before deciding how much renovations would be: how many rooms do you want in your house? What kind of design do you want for the house? What is the size of the house going to be? Once you have all this information, it will be easier to calculate how much renovations would cost and how long they will take, so that you can decide how much money and time you’re willing to invest in your home.

So to begin with, let us take you through the various factors that affect the renovation cost Singapore of your home in one way or another. 

Type of property

1. flat

HDBs are essentially new government-subsidized housing developments that are built-to-order. Such homes are already furnished with the essentials and thus do not necessitate extensive renovation. Furthermore, because new HDBs are heavily subsidized by the government, they come with a slew of renovation rules and regulations. For example, the bathroom and kitchen floorings or tiles on a new HDB flat that is less than 5 years old cannot be hacked.

The cost of a flat ranges between $10.000 and $60.000.

2. Resale of HDB

For HDB resale properties, these older homes typically have an older layout and amenities that do not necessarily match modern sensibilities. As a result, these homes require extensive interior renovation services such as hacking, plumping, electrical, painting, masonry, and all other renovation services. Furthermore, the rules governing the renovation of older HDBs are much more lax. Naturally, the renovation costs for these properties in Singapore are higher than for flats.

Price range for HDB resale: $30.000-$100.000

3. New Condominium

Condos, which are privately owned, non-subsidised Singapore residences, are more expensive than HDBs. These homes, on the other hand, include more amenities and high-end furnishings. Newly built condo units have sleek interior design with all the necessary fixtures and, in most cases, high-quality natural stone flooring. As a result, a complete renovation is rarely, if ever, required.

The cost of a new condo ranges between $10.000 and $60.000.

4. Resale Condominium

The extent of the renovation and its impending cost are determined by the age of the condo and the number of times ownership of the unit has changed. The cost of renovation is higher for condos than for HBDs because it is reasonable to assume that people who buy condos have a larger budget for renovations.

The cost of a resale condo ranges between $30.000 and $150.000.

House Size

The higher the cost of renovation, the larger the home. This is assuming that all other variables, such as property type, scope of work, and so on, remain constant. As a result, this comprehensive table of Livspace renovation costs gives you a good idea of how much you will end up spending for renovating depending on the size of your home.

2 Room Prices Begin at $10.000

3 Room prices range from $14.500 to $32.000.

4 Room prices range from $17.500 to $36,500.

5 Room prices range from $19.500 to $39.500.

Work scope

Renovating a home is not a simple task that can be completed with only one type of work. It is a massive project involving a wide range of services and people with diverse skill sets. Some of these services are more expensive than others. The table below breaks down renovation costs by the percentage of total cost that goes into a specific type of service.

Depending on which of these services you choose, you can roughly estimate the total cost of renovating your home.

Purchased furniture

Movable furniture (not built in) accounts for a significant portion of the cost of furnishing your home. Typically, this cost is not included in the Singapore renovation cost. It is unusual, but not unheard of, for homeowners to reuse their existing furniture if it is in good condition. However, because space is a major constraint in most Singaporean homes, it is best to purchase furniture that fits within the scope of your new home.

Most Singaporeans are aware how much it would cost to renovate their property. Depending on which type of property you want, how many rooms and how big the house is will determine how much money you need for renovations. For example, if you’re looking at a condo or HDB resale, there is more room for furniture than in an flat because most people don’t have enough space in their new home. What renovation costs do these variables play into? Let us know what your thoughts are about that!

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