Criteria to Find Creative Home Renovation Contractors in Singapore

23 Apr, 2021

We need home renovation contractors in Singapore to change our home to be more comfortable and look elegant. It is not easy to find the best home renovation contractors near your home. 

If you live in Singapore, you should make the list of renovation companies in Singapore. Most companies offer some services to renovate home clients. However, we sometimes don’t know whether the true and the false home renovation company. Let’s check those criteria on how to find creative home renovation contractors in Singapore!


How Much does it Cost to Renovate a House in Singapore?



To know the cost of renovating a house in Singapore, it has different range cost based on the types. SHEInterior provides the cost of range based on the property types and scope of works. 

  • For the property types of HDB BTO, the scope of work is including kitchen, wardrobe, and furniture. It cost from $10.000 to $60.000. 
  • Next, the work of scope including full home design and furniture. The range of cost starts from $30.00 up to $100.000.
  • SheInteriors not only provides HDB types but also condo. For a new condo, the scope of work is including furniture only and its cost range starts from $10.000 – to $60.000. 
  • The cost starts from $30.000 – $150.000 for the resale condo and the scope work is including full home design and the furniture.


Knowing the Six Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore (2021)

After we understand the cost to renovate a house in Singapore, we should know the six best renovation Contractors in Singapore on the 2021 Guide. Here, the six about them! 

A Renovation Contractor of Empire Works

Empire works have been built since five years ago. It is one of the affordable and good renovation contractors that over 50 projects. It provides some type of HDB BTO packages. It provides some aesthetical design with the appropriate spacious. Many testimonies stated that they feel satisfied with the services from Empire Works. Many homeowners write good reviews of Empire Works.

A Renovation Contractor Firm of ZL Construction

The next list of renovation companies in Singapore is ZL Construction. It has specialized services such as networks, kitchen renovation, and carpentry well. This firm always makes one-stop services for clients. Based on the qualities, ZL construction has validation, assessment, and questionnaire before deciding to consul about the projects. 

A Renovation Contractor of M2 Decor

It provides renovation contractor HDB for 30 years, so M2 Decor has a good reputation and reputation. Besides, this company provides innovative designs. This company is located in Woodlands in Singapore. Before the company begins to build the house, M2 Decor made the visualization planning as the form of a 3D rendering service. 

The Renovation Industry of Reno Guys Pte Ltd

This company is one of the reputable renovation contractors in Singapore. This firm also provides a reasonable price. Besides, Reno Guys offers some packages of 3 Room BTO Flats. To see the photos about Reno Guys projects, you can visit a website. For the quality service, it has a good review for the clients.

Unimax Creative Renovation and Interior Design Firm 

This firm is a good reputable company among the other home renovation contractors. Unimax Creative has gotten award-winning in its achievement. Besides, it offers a guarantee for home renovation projects. It was established in 1997 and it is supported by 30 design ideas. 

SheInteriors Design Firm 

The interior is one the best firm in the service on interior design, renovation, and arranging the room. Besides, Sheinterior gets five stars on the renovation contractor review. This firm has a good and professional service reputation. The interior has many designs among the best contractors in Woodland, Singapore. 

She Interiors have a speciality for the clients, like the following:

  • Sheinterior has a consultation who is professional in design interior.
  • Besides, Sheinteriors plan the appropriate spacious.
  • Also, Sheinterior draws a detailed perspective.
  • If you still confuse with the budget, Sheinterior helps to decide the best budget.
  • She interior also provide site coordination and supervision.
  • The interior designer from Sheinterior always creates the best furniture design and colour matching.
  • It has an electronic appliance recommendation.


How do We Find a Good Renovation Contractor?


To find a good renovation contractor in Woodland – Singapore, you should list some criteria as below:

  • Make sure that the firm has legalized law. Although the industry is one of the small renovation contractors, the industries should have legal certificates. 
  • You should see the review directly and online.
  • The budget and scope of work should be shown transparently, like Sheinterior that be informed the budget in table and chart.
  • Make sure that the companies offer the guarantee.

Sheinterior is the best recommendation for you. This firm is located in Woodlands and has the best reputation because Sheinterior has a professionals consultant and interior designer. If you interest to join with Sheinterior, you can call on the direct message via WhatsApp – +65 8258 3766 that starts open from 11 a.m – 7 p.m. 

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