Get Inspired with The Trending Interior Paint Colours For 2021

24 Jan, 2021

Every year, design professionals from around the world—including some of the best interior designers in Singapore—predict what paint colours will like the reigns supreme in the coming 12 months. Some hues that dominated 2020 (like white and blush) will likely stay, but there’s a host of other wonderful options that we’ve the likely see more of in 2021.

If you’re thinking about repainting all or some of your walls, then you’re probably looking for inspiration. We checked in with some of the best interior designers in Singapore to find out what hues will be on trend.

But first, the general mood

Ask anyone on the street and even likely say that they are glad 2020 is over. And even though the world won’t completely return to normal in 2021, we have to stay hopeful. It’s always healthy to look ahead than some optimism and control what we can—including how our home looks and feels. Introducing new colour is the most efficient way to do this.

Spending more time at home? You might as well make changes to make it more beautiful. The overall theme of 2021 is creating a space that makes it easy to relax, feel comfortable, and recharge. Designers suggest creating a calm base serene tones and soft pastels, and then adding a punch of brighter colours for added cheerfulness.

This juxtaposition of bright and calm is evident in Pantone’s colours of the year. That’s right—colours with an S. Pantone didn’t just choose one but two hues for the year 2021: Illuminating (a lovely yellow) and Ultimate Grey, which together convey a message of hopefulness and strength that is both uplifting and enduring. The union of Ultimate Grey (rock solid and practical) in Illuminating (optimistic in warming) evokes positivity and strength in these trying times. It encapsulates feelings of deep thought with a promise of something friendly and sunny.

Some interior paint colour trends to consider for 2021

Nature-inspired colours

Paint hues that are rooted in nature—like Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams—are great if you want to give your home a sense of safety and security. Paint it on four walls to create a cocoon-like, cosy vibe.

Leafy greens

As most people continue to work at home and spend more time indoors, it’s important to bring the outside in. Paint colours like Great Barrington Green by Benjamin Moore can help you create a leafy green atmosphere even without plants. The colour green has always been associated with calm, and in the chromotherapy context, green is traditionally believed to bring harmony.

Serene Blues

It’s not an accident that one in three of the best-known brands in the world use some kind of blue in their logo. After all, blue has always been deeply connected with trust and stability—and that’s what most of us need in 2021. This colour can help bring a sense of steady footing at a time when nothing seems to be certain and things can seemingly change in an instant. Blue also reduces anxiety. In fact, blue lights are routinely used to reduce crime and prevent suicide in some facilities. It certainly won’t hurt to paint a wall or two in this colour to bring a stable vibration into the home.

Rich browns

Beautifully rich browns are expected to be everywhere—not just in walls but also in décor and furniture. There is something very comforting about this tone that makes a home cosier, creating positive feelings and a sense of relaxed comfort.

Earth tones

Inviting earth tones will continue to dominate, too. Paint colours like Jojoba (N390-3), Saffron Strands (PPU6-02), and Smoky White (BWC-13) and stand out in BEHR’s Colour Trends 2021 Palette. These engaging and warm earth tones will continue to be popular with DIYers looking to paint their walls and elevate their spaces with stylishly inviting and organic-looking hues.


Grounding and restful colours can certainly help all of us deal with what might be another jarring year, so the best interior designers in Singapore agree that olive greens, ‘muddy’ colours, and burgundies will be trendy. If you want to use white, try a something warmer—like Benjamin Moore’s Simply White, which has a yellow/pink overtone. Neutrals are great if you want to go monochromatic. You can use the same colour to paint an entire room, including the ceiling and moulding, if you like.

Jewel tones

Need some inspiration when working from home? A mood lifter? A room with personality? Try painting an accent wall with bold and deep jewel tones. You can even try a DIY approach if you’re just painting a small part of your space. It’s a great way to feel productive and stay active while quarantining.

Seafoam green

Soft and restful, seafoam green will have its moment in 2021. Try it if you want to bring in a gauzy soft vibe to your living space—something that will remind you of holidays by the sea.


Many interior design experts also expect a trend towards juxtaposing darker colours with lighter hues in adjacent rooms. It’s a great way to create depth and visual interest. And even in a small flat, doing this can signal clear definitions of different spaces and make each part of the home feel more special.

There is a misconception that moody colours make a room feel smaller or darker. This is not always the case; in fact, they can have the opposite effect when contrasted with crisp whites or paired with warmer neutrals.


This “Millennial colour” has become a new neutral. If you want a change but are afraid of something too dramatic, try it on a small wall or even a door.

Chalky white

Another huge interior design trend in 2021 is the use of chalky white paint instead of stark whites. This hue has a warmer undertone and is available in very matte as well as textured finishes. It’s a great way to achieve that historic, inviting, and soft vibe to white walls.

Deep ‘neutralised’ colours
Burnt orange and olive green will be in the spotlight, too, along with earthy palettes like camels (an alternative to grey).

 Don’t be afraid of a little paint
Even if restrictions ease up, many of us will likely spend more time at home in 2021. And as you probably already know, any interior becomes monotonous and boring when inhabited 24/7. Repainting walls is one of the easiest ways to freshen up living spaces. No wonder many people are embarking on wall painting projects. In fact, along with sweatpants designers and exercise equipment manufacturers, house-paint companies are booming during this time.

Paint can dramatically alter your home. The right colours can give you and your family what you need emotionally and psychologically—whether it’s a soothing blue, an optimistic yellow, or an energizing orange. And if you need help deciding on the perfect hue, consult an interior designer in Singapore.

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