Design an Industrial Chic Home in Different Ways

13 Jan, 2021

 The ‘industrial chic’ interior design aesthetic is inspired by loft-like spaces that are typically open and spacious, with very high ceilings. With that kind of space, it is easier to use brushed metal and reclaimed wood materials to complete the look. But an interior designer in Singapore can help you achieve this style even if your home doesn’t have the same bones.

Why it’s on trend

The industrial chic home trend continues to be popular for its ability to combine the old-world charms and sophisticated modernity with a lived-in, organic look and feel. The result is an interesting play of contrasting elements. Industrial chic is also an environmentally friendly way to do interior design because it encourages using salvaged or recycled materials.

The word industrial often make people think of lofts with oversized metal windows, exposed bricks, and unfinished wood. But it can also pertain to the idea of fuss-free, no-frills, and no-nonsense décor inspired by the lofty look and feel of industrial structures, such as factories and warehouses.

Don’t worry if your home is not a loft and more of a typical house or an apartment. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve an industrial chic look and feel. With enough creativity and some tips on living room design in Singapore, you can make the most from your space and design it into the home of your dreams.

The main advantage of going for an industrial chic home is that the style is fully customizable using décor and furniture that are one-of-a-kind and specific to your taste and your home.

If you are new to designing an industrial chic abode, here are some tips straight from an interior designer in Singapore to inspire you to get started:

  1. Know the basics of industrial design.

Remember these important factors if you want to design a chic industrial space:

  • Materials – Go for hardworking and utilitarian materials instead of pieces with plush fabrics. Source pieces of furniture that can still be given a second chance, such as those from local antique shops and maybe even junk shops. Wood, aluminium, stone, iron, tin, copper, and steel are among the ideal materials. Be sure to consider distressed metal and wooden floors, bare steel beams, and stone countertops.
  • Colours – Choose neutral palettes of white, black, and grey, and add some mood with darker tones. Give the look more personality with vibrant colours or artwork, which should contrast the masculine look and feel of plain industrial décor.
  • Accessories – Go easy on accessorizing to achieve a minimalist look. Keep spaces and surfaces clean and clutter-free. Should you require accessories, go for metal structures, abstract art, or any other salvaged interesting objects, which can also make good conversation starters.
  • Silhouette – Blocky shapes and square lines are prominent in most industrial chic designs, as they give a utilitarian cohesiveness to the home’s overall look. However, that doesn’t mean you should stay away from abstract shapes and organic curves. You can still use them, but not too much that they start overwhelming the overall look. You should still be able to preserve the industrial feel of your space.


  1. Start with a neutral canvas.

Bold colours in industrial chic designs are often reserved for the smaller details. The big elements and areas need to be neutral. This is why it’s important to start with a neutral colour palette as your blank canvas for decorating.

  1. Choose an open plan.

Consider an open plan layout to achieve the spacious look of an industrial loft. Just make sure you are not making the space appear overwhelmingly big that it becomes challenging to decorate. Arrange industrial style fixtures strategically in groups to break up a very wide space.

  1. Don’t be afraid to combine different elements.

Pulling off an industrial chic look is easier than you think when you know how to combine metal and wood or old and new materials. For instance, you can set up a steel framed mirror on an antique wooden vanity as in instant way to get the vibe.

  1. Invest in good brushed metal pieces.

You cannot go wrong with brushed metal if you are looking to make your space look industrial chic. If your home does not have any exposed metal elements, consider getting pieces of furniture that feature the material to go with a chic urban interior. Try adding an industrial dining table or a coffee table, or some metal bookshelves.

  1. Expose some brick.

Is there an area with exposed brick on the walls of your apartment? Instead of covering it, consider whitewashing it to give a chic and modern finish to the rustic aspects of your home. Besides, white is a versatile colour that can go well with almost any other colours. To keep the look neutral and more industrial, get taupe and grey pieces of furniture (i.e., couches).

  1. Expose wood elements.

An industrial look does not always have to mean metal pieces. Wood is also a good choice, too, so consider exposing some wood floors and beams for a rustic look. You can add some area rugs to conceal damaged or blemished sections. Alternatively, you can add some reclaimed wood furniture for a more industrial feel.

  1. Add pops of colour.

Industrial interiors are typically white. However, an all-white space may feel incomplete—and in some cases can even look like a medical facility. You can avoid this by adding bursts of solid and bright colours to emphasize important areas or draw attention to specific spaces in your home.

  1. Display works of art on bare walls.

Leaving your wall bare can easily make the space look and feel boring or lacking or any depth. If you want to add a chic touch to your home and make it similar to an artist’s loft, consider hanging up some artwork such as paintings or photographs. You can use the same style of frame, hang the biggest in the middle, and work your way out.

  1. Ensure proper lighting

Industrial style lighting often consists of metal light fixtures, particularly lamps and pendants. Should you choose to go for pendants, make sure they come with wide shades and are low hanging. You can also consider multi-directional floor lamps and reclaimed lighting.

  1. It’s not about transforming your entire home.

You do not have to do a major renovation to make your home look like an industrial chic loft. All it takes is adding some critical details, particularly chic industrial pieces throughout your interiors to contrast the traditional and modern aspects of your home. Remember that industrial interior design should be flexible, so it should be easy to pull off with any furniture, décor, or lighting. Even if it is based on minimal and simplistic design tropes, it should allow you to make a bold statement.

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