The Ultimate Guide to Classic Interior Design in Singapore

18 Jul, 2022

Interior designs are one of the easiest places where a homeowner can make their home stand out, and give a great impression to their guests and prospective buyers. A beautifully decorated home shows the care and attention of its owners, which makes it a great investment.

When you think about classic interior design, you probably think about a room that’s elegant and minimalist. However, this isn’t always the case, as some rooms can actually be extremely ornate and beautiful.

What Is Classic Interior Design?

Usually, the terms “traditional” or “classic” are used to refer to a variety of interior design themes and styles. They don’t fully commit to a specific era or spirit, even though they have a similar idea in mind. It’s reasonable to assume that classic interior design honors history by including some contemporary aspects in this regard. 

The main idea is to add an exquisite twist to the décor. While doing so, it emphasizes the 18th and 19th century European interior design ideas. As a result, this fashion frequently emanates regal ease and elegance with a dash of modernism. This makes it the top option for individuals who value traditionalism, symmetry, and classic art.

What Makes Classic Interior Design Unique?

The rich, cozy, and pleasant feeling of the classic style interior will help you identify it. In this sense, classic design emphasizes the details while still being attractive and cozy. It succeeds in emulating the classic appearance of an ancient European structure. 

The supporters of traditionalism appreciate art in all its manifestations. But without the right illumination, any wall art is certain to fall short of captivating viewers. Fortunately, a broad variety of chandeliers and table lamps are used as accent pieces in classic interior design.

Contrary to many contemporary designs, which favor neutral colors, this one features three classic color schemes: blue, earthy, and milky. You can play with a variety of colors, including beige, wood, and boho tones as well as turquoise, azure, and sky blue.

How to Create a Classic Interior Design?

The following are the key components of each room with a classic design:

Classic Design Textiles

The usage of fabrics is completely unrestricted in this context. In other words, anything that fits with the idea of the interior with a classic design is acceptable. There are many options to choose from, whether you prefer new gingham or vintage tapestries. 

Typically, you should choose an organic arrangement of cushions and upholstered furniture. The key is to combine and contrast strong stripes. Just be careful to stay away from geometric shapes because they could be too sterile for traditionalism’s luxury.

Classic Design Window Treatments

Another crucial component of Singapore’s classic interior design is the window curtains. Maybe you may choose the normal neutral-colored curtains and solve the problem with ease. However, the main goal of classic treatments is to create a sophisticated appeal and casual elegance. 

Floor-to-ceiling drapes in neutral colors and rich velvet curtains in striking hues are a fantastic alternative. A boxed valance or an embroidered border can be added to your window treatments to tie them in with the decor of the room.

Classic Design Interior Colours

Compared to many other contemporary designs, this classic idea gives a lot more versatility, particularly with regard to color. Unexpectedly, the timeless aesthetic will save you from the dull white and neutral colors with some strong tones. 

In consequence, the initially disparate assortment of furniture will soon transform into a unified palette of striking hues. To put it another way, you should avoid using strong or contrasting colors like white and black. The eclectic design focuses on bringing life into the space by employing colors like turquoise, beige, creamy, and sand-like tones.

Classic Interior Design Accessories

You can utilize anything, including ancient Chinese concepts and mid-century modern design. In order to create an engaging and intriguing interior, the arrangement of the decorations is essential. 

Typically, it draws attention to the strong accents, just like in any structure with a long history. Here, elaborate and expensive accouterments are frequently the norm. You should make sure your purchases are of uncompromised quality because of this.

Classic Design Interior Furnishings

The classic design ageless style is celebrated and honored in the classic interior design, which is the ultimate reference to the past. Your first duty in this regard is to get rid of any excessively minimalist and contemporary furnishings. 

Instead, you should choose items with endearing and distinctive design features. To balance out the eclectic mix of classic materials, look for some furnishings with architectural details like moldings and fittings.

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