Bohemian Style Home Decor Trends for Your Living Space

15 Oct, 2020

Bohemian home décor in Singapore is a popular concept for those who want to showcase interesting, one-of-a-kind items that can add some personality to their space. The aesthetic is relaxed, unusual, and carefree, making it a good option if you want your living space to look and feel less restrictive and more inviting.

Origins of the boho look

This look is inspired by individuals who want an unconventional way of life and is traditionally associated with creative types, like writers, actors, and avid travellers. The goal of the bohemian living room design in Singapore is to mirror these lifestyles by combining patterns, colours, and objects from many different parts of the world. If you are looking to style your living room in a way that best showcases your unique personality, then going boho may be for you.

Your boho living room may end up looking similar to other spaces that are styled that way because it will share the same eclectic features and theme, but don’t worry—in the end, no two rooms will be exactly alike. After all, the finished look should truly reflect your own personal taste and character.

Characteristics of the bohemian look

The Bohemian look is distinctive for its eclectic mix of bold, colourful, vintage pieces featuring a lot of textures and patterns. When applied to the home—particularly in your living room—the result is a comfortable, inviting, and cosy space that has a unique character.

You might already be familiar with popular boho elements like bright textiles, macramé, and rattan. Layered together, they all make for an inviting abode. But don’t limit yourself to these materials. If you are thinking of using the boho look in a city home, you might want to add some contemporary fixtures and decorative elements to the mix to create the so-called “urban boho” vibe. Be sure to choose the right elements, though. The last thing you want is a hodgepodge of completely different looks that don’t quite seem cohesive.

A professional designer can help. You can also take inspiration from Bohemian style home décor trends and apply one or more ideas to create that urban boho living room design in Singapore that looks properly put together. Here are some trends you can try:

  1. Avoid traditional bold textiles.

Traditionally, boho has always been associated with bold and colourful textiles. But if you want to achieve a city boho chic that is modern and sophisticated, it may be best to steer clear of tradition and go for vintage-inspired or subdued furnishings. Then, pair them up with graphic tiles and jewel tones.

Does your living area have a portion with a dark accent wall? You may want to set up an attention-grabbing element on it, such as a neon sign. This way, the wall will become a statement in itself without looking too busy.

  1. Choose a tight colour palette.

The secret to urban boho living room interior design in Singapore is a tighter colour palette. It ensures that the overall look is layered but not overwhelmingly busy. Try natural wood pieces and add sufficient texture to it with patterned tapestries.

There are many ways you can incorporate natural wood pieces in your living space. Try a wood side table or a coffee table, a wood bench, a wood bookcase, or some wood panels for the doorway or windows.

  1. Don’t be afraid to go green.

The Bohemian look seamlessly blends in with nature. So if you are shopping for boho style home décor in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with green elements such as wooden furniture and shelving. If you are trying to achieve a masculine look and feel, consider concrete screed flooring over boho graphic tiles, and focus on adding boho-style decorative elements instead. You can also add some indoor potted plants or succulents.

  1. Try different colour combinations.

Get some ethnic pieces and put them together with contemporary elements. This should create an interesting look for your urban Boho living room design in Singapore. A good way to do this is by pairing a trendy leather sofa with Moroccan-style throw pillows. From there, you can enhance the look by adding rattan chairs or an antique piece.

  1. Spruce up that all-white space.

An all-white palette is a great blank canvas for any living room interior design in Singapore. It’s what most people start it, and while the minimalist vibe might be nice it first, it might start feeling a bit too cold after some time. Upgrading to yellow lights should give that white space an upgrade it deserves and warm it up to make it look cosier and welcoming. Add boho elements in the form of a woven rug and rattan chairs to make the space look more organic and lived-in.

  1. Apply stone accents.

Besides wallpapers and jewel tones, consider using accents that resemble stone or marble and apply them in areas that could use a touch of sophistication. Remember to use them sparingly so that they don’t end up overwhelming your living space. A small slab or a neutral-toned stone accent should suffice in most cases. Try vases or plant pots that look like stone or marble, a mirror with a stone-like frame, or a marble ashtray or paperweight.

  1. Remember: There are no rules for boho decorating.

There really are no strict rules when it comes to incorporating Bohemian décor into your living space. The easiest way to achieve this look is to choose warm and earthy colours along with jewel and metallic tones. Think greys, greens, and deep browns for the base colours. From there, you can add decorative elements or accessories in striking colours like electric blue, saturated purple, or fiery orange.

Mix and match textures and patterns and don’t be afraid to go bold. Try styles that are not conventionally used together. If you have some patterns or dyed textiles you purchased from around the world, don’t hesitate to include them to create a completely one-of-kind living room design in Singapore.  Throws can be layered on top of your furniture, or you can hang area rugs or tapestries alongside your favourite artwork and photos.

Let’s get you started with your Bohemian style home décor for your living space!

Designing your own living space with Bohemian style home décor in Singapore should be a fun if you have some decorating experience. But if you don’t, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the choices. The good news is that you can always turn the experts. When you need help with your home renovation or decorating, don’t hesitate to get in touch with SHE Interior Design Pte. Ltd.

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