5 Creative Bay Window Bedroom Design Ideas In Singapore

19 Apr, 2021

The bedroom is part of paradise in our home. We can do anything in our bedroom to get feel comfortable and relax. Bedroom design ideas many types that can be chosen to renovate our bedroom.

Although we renovate our bedroom, we feel not comfortable with the design of the bedroom. Besides, the bedroom design can’t make satisfied. It has happened when the cost of the interior design is not reasonable with the ideas. On the other problems, an interior consultant is not looking professional. He/she cannot explain the best bedroom design and discuss to decide the bay window bedroom design. 

Sheinterior can help you to find a solution to choose the best creative window bedroom design ideas in Singapore as the following:


Creating Window All In One 

It is part of the small bedroom idea because all the parts to be one in the bedroom. That part is consists of a storage bed, study table, and a cupboard that to be one on the wall. Besides, the designer utilizes the bay window with weave it. It is useful to renovate a bedroom in your small condo. This design is suitable for students and freelancers.


Bedroom Design Ideas with The Concealed Bay Window

The concealed bay window can be transformed into the other room area instantly. It is part of a small bedroom design. Therefore, you can use change your bedroom as a guestroom, living room or the others. The hidden window is appropriate for the minimalize condo. You can make some activities in this room, such as discuss, studying and playing.

Image courtesy of Joey Khu



Creative Point Frame Of Window

You can choose the window with the creative point frame. You can consult with Sheinterior as master bedroom ideas. The Singapore consultant of the firm will offer many ornament types. Besides, it provides design curved, geometric shapes. A gorgeous frame-up window is important to bring the highlighted design for your condo. 




From Outside Bring The Window Inside

For a small HDB bedroom design, you need a window that shows a large natural park landscape. It can bring the outside environment inside your bedroom. With this design, you can feel fresh and comfortable after you wake up. You can start your day with the healthy inside that brings from outside. 

Bay window bedroom singapore



Bedroom Design With Green Bay Window 

If you want to feel fresh in a green theme, you can create your window like in a small paradise. Take some plants or plastic leaves to decorate your HDB bedroom design with a study table. According to the researcher, green colours is an alternative therapy that can be used for threatening stress. Light green is a suitable colour to create your window. 


Besides, Sheinterior does not only provide the types of creative window but also many kinds of small master bedroom ideas with the appropriate space. Are you curious? Let’s see the types of master bedroom ideas. 


3 Best Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas For Maximising Space


After you have read the explanation of the window bedroom, we should see the bedroom ideas for maximizing space. It is suitable for your condo when you live in Singapore. Let us see together!


1. Cut Out A Section For A Walk-In Wardrobe

It is the matching design for a small master bedroom idea with wardrobes. If you have many activities in your job such as meeting with someone, this design is appropriate for you. You can change any kinds of clothes in your wardrobe fast. Therefore, you can take all your clothes to your bedroom. It usually designs with wooden and white dominant. 


2. Creative Headboard Styling For Extra Storage

This design is represented simple life characteristics. You should not take the cupboard or the other cases in your room. You can use the extra storage as the bedroom divan. It can be used for your small HDB bedroom design. With this simple design, you can take the towel, clothes, books, and documents in this storage. 


3. Vanity Tables That Blend In Well 

This design is appropriate for the woman because the dressing table is dominant in this room. Sheinteriors can renovate your room start from simple to luxurious design. This room usually identical to the sparkle and light bulb on the wall. Vanity tables are appropriate for the girls or woman who always shows her performance such as actress, carrier woman, lawyers and the other. 

Those the reason why we should trust that Sheinterior is the best firm to renovate your bedroom. It is clear that Sheinterior has many specialities as the following:

  • She interior has appropriate space planning based on your budget.
  • It also has professional design consultation that can serve the client well.
  • Sheinterior can make detailed perspective drawings.
  • It can provide materials and colour scheme proposal.
  • It also has site coordination and supervision in job management progress. 
  • Sheinterior always sets up the design and colour match and appropriate. 
  • To give save and comfort, Sheinterior has an electronic appliance recommendation.

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