Amazing Tricks to Create the Illusion of a Bigger Space

20 Nov, 2020

If your bedroom feeling cramped? You’re not alone. Most Singaporeans have to live with limited square footage. Luckily, there are bedroom design ideas in Singapore that can help you make the most even of the smallest spaces. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to successfully pull off small bedroom design, then you come to the right blog.

Make good use of mirrors

You probably already have a full-length mirror in your bedroom so you can look at your outfit from head to toe before you go. If you don’t, it’s time to get one. And don’t stop there. Installing mirrors is one of the easiest tricks you can do to a fool the eyes into perceiving that the room is bigger than it actually is.

There are many ways to incorporate mirrors in a bedroom. If you have the budget, go for mirrored panels for closet fronts and cabinets. This is a pricey but smart decorating choice for a small space. If you can also invest in mirrored furniture, which are quite trendy these days. You’ve probably seen them in magazines that feature upscale Singapore bedroom design.

Of course, there are cheaper ways to mirror up. You can simply mount an ornate mirror over your dresser, or perhaps a starburst mirror over your bed. You can also group together a bunch of small mirrors with fancy frames on your wall. And if you don’t have the money for expensive mirrored furniture, you can always try a mirrored or chrome finished lamps and décor.

Consider using a loft bed—or at least one that has a tall frame

Some homes have a good ceiling height to make up for what they lack in terms of floor space. If your flat is blessed with such a feature, take advantage of it and loft your bed. A bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in a bedroom; it takes up most of the floor area. By lofting it with risers or building an elevated wall nook that holds a mattress, you can free up a lot of space. This doesn’t just make your small boudoir look bigger—it also makes it more functional.

If you don’t like the look of a lofted bed because it reminds you too much of college dorm rooms, you can buy a four-poster bed instead, are one with a tall bed frame. The goal is to draw attention to the height of the ceiling and distract the eyes from the narrow width of the room.

Choose furniture with thin legs

Take inspiration from mid-century modern aesthetics and choose bedroom furniture pieces that are an elevated on minimalist, thin legs. Lifting your furniture creates an airy feel that makes a bedroom seem more open. Of course, not every piece of furniture in your bedroom has to be legged, but you need at least one that has some height—like a bed, dresser, or a nightstand. The idea is to show more floor and wall to make your room appear larger.

Th was great about furniture with exposed legs is that they can make a space look like it has more room than it actually does. They don’t directly touch the floor, thereby creating space where there wouldn’t be otherwise. You can even use a few baskets to turn the free space underneath them into storage. Don’t go overboard, though. Keep most of that extra floor space free of clutter.

Do most of your bedroom furniture touch the floor? Don’t worry—you don’t have to buy new pieces. You can simply purchase furniture legs online and install them yourself. This is a DIY a trick that will save you a lot of money.

Replace your closet doors with curtains

Do your closets have heavy doors? Swap them with light and airy curtains to open up the space and make everything seem bigger. Doing this also allows more furniture options because swinging closet doors can get in the way of other accent pieces.

Go for wall shelves

Make good use of all that vertical space and install wall shelves so you don’t have to put a bookshelf in the room. If you want a TV unit in your bedroom, hang it on the wall—don’t cut it on a console.

Choose a light colour for your walls

Blank white walls are often recommended for small bedroom design in Singapore, but if you’re not a fan of this ultra minimalist aesthetic, you don’t have to shy away from colour. It’s true that white is a magical colour that opens up a room, but this doesn’t mean that the space needs to resemble a hospital. Go ahead and paint your wallin a soft and light palette. You can’t go wrong with whispery light greys, light blues, neutrals and pastels. You can also mix white with them mid-tone or bright colour. It’s best to stick to cooler hues. In general, soft greens, blues and purples tend to enlarge a space, while warm colours have the opposite effect.

Hang floor to ceiling curtains

Here’s another trick that can make your bedroom instantly look bigger: hang drapes from the top of your wall all the way down to just an inch above the floor. This makes tiny bedroom windows look bigger and wider. What’s more, the length of the curtains leads the eyes upward, creating a sense of higher ceilings. You have to select the right type of curtain, of course. Pastels or transparent curtains are excellent choices because they don’t block natural light or take away from the brightness of the room. It’s best to forgo heavy window treatments and instead use subtle curtain panels. Make sure to frame your view; don’t obscure it. Let us much of the sun in as possible, because sunny rooms look larger than dark ones. Go ahead and pulled as curtains back as much as possible to let some natural light in.

Fight the clutter

Knickknacks are the enemy of a small bedroom. A Singapore bedroom design expert will always advise you to hold on to adjust your favourite objects and get rid of the rest so you can achieve a cleaner and simpler aesthetic. Nothing makes a space look as small as clutter so don’t be afraid to do a good purge. Get rid of knickknacks in items that don’t belong in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean that you have to make you the space sterile or bare. The key is to strike the happy medium with some pieces of artwork, accessories, and photos—but not too much.

Install sconces by the bed

Bedside lamps will only take up space on your nightstand. Unless you absolutely need them, it’s often better to ditch them. Instead you can install adjustable sconces for night-time reading.

Keep your bedding simple

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when decorating a small bedroom is choosing heavily patterned bedding and putting too many pillows on the bed. Don’t do this. Complex patterns can really make your bedroom feel cluttered and closed up. Choose modest bedding that makes the bed a part of the room’s flow. Light-coloured linens always look clean and fresh—and they can make the space look so much larger.

As you can see, it’s possible to transform Even the smallest of bedrooms into a beautiful and relaxing oasis with a few space-saving techniques. We hope you found some small bedroom design inspiration in these tips and tricks. If you need more help, consult an interior designer in Singapore.

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