44 Awesome Accent Wall Ideas For Your Bedroom

29 Jul, 2022

The bedroom is a room in a house that is designed for sleeping. It is the place where a person spends most of his/her time and it is important to design a beautiful space in which a person can relax and recharge from daily activities. It is a place where a person can unwind and get rid of stress. There are lots of great accent wall ideas and you can go anywhere with your search. But when it comes to bedroom tv feature wall singapore and tv feature wall ideas, we think that accent walls are some of the best. They are so much easier to do than you might think. Here are some awesome accent wall ideas for your bedroom.


Pastel rainbows

Rainbows in pastel colors aren’t just for kids’ rooms. A soft lilac bedspread, taupe-colored curtains, and eye-catching geometric plant shelves complete the design of this wall that is also used as a headboard.


Your bedroom should be transformed into a true rainforest. This wallpaper’s larger-than-life design contrasts with the monochromatic study, tartan sheets, and hanging caged light.

Lined with LEDs

Modernize the decor of your bedroom. This accent wall with black panels is laced with LEDs, casting ominously chilly shadows over the quilted bed.

LEDs striping

Do you want the LEDs to stripe the other way? A long bedside table and the vertical lines this wall creates above it are the ideal complements to the white bed frame. A moon-themed piece of art adds a circular element.

Black and gold wall

Make texturing your main focus. This main piece on a black wood floor dazzles because of the gold and black wall inserts’ unexpected glints and grooves.

Black accent wall

This black accent wall is ideal if you need some more space to keep your books. Its black glass coverings extend to the edge of the bed, following the two-thirds rule, leaving a bookshelf in mushroom to match the headboard of the bed.

Gray accent wall

Make your point more clearly. This grid-like star pattern is made by the gray accent wall. Their midsection, a couched enclave, is illuminated by two hanging camera lights, creating a headboard with a twist.

Dark grey beehive

Draw bees to the design of your accent wall. Warmth is provided by two pendants on either side of this dark grey beehive that bursts in and out to create texture.

Grooved wood

Wood with grooves provides distinction to an airy and light appearance. A concrete lamp keeps watch while the window light highlights the lines of this accent wall.

Showcase finer

The bedroom wall designates specific areas to identify the bed and display better stuff. A chair covered in scarves and an open wardrobe interact on traditional ceramic plates.

Striking shock of blue lined with LEDs

Dare to be unique. This eye-catching blue shock that spans the wall and ceiling and is lined with LEDs produces a bedside table, several shelves, and a Japanese garden at the foot of the bed.

Semi-tinted sheet and patterned glass

Your bedroom needs a mysterious atmosphere. This accent wall transforms a plain concrete bedroom into something feminine by using a sheet of semi-tinted, patterned glass. A pair of groups of small pendant lights provide a glittering finishing touch.

Grey wall panel

Have a big bedroom you want to dedicate a song to? The grey wall panel in the middle of the room adds a contemporary texture without covering the two mirrors. The eye can be focused on a line of camera lights.

Spotted wall 

Give your upcoming visitor interior delusions. This white bedroom’s spotted wall and Scandinavian furnishings give a monochromatic bedroom a whole new level of appeal.

Lightly pattern

Avoiding making strong statements? Use a subtle pattern on your main wall, like this gray wall design.

Victorian times

Go back to the Victorian era. A canvas chandelier is supported by this lovely flowery wallpaper, which also serves as a backdrop for a ceramic trophy and fleur de lis curtains.

Line of LEDs

The correct lighting may highlight a wall. The ideal illustration is a minimalist bedroom with a thin row of LEDs shining next to a white light.

Rustic ethnic accent wall

With a rustic ethnic accent wall, visit more tribal regions. This colorful square and the floor ottomans nearby may hint at your upcoming travel destination.

Purple accent wall

A wall with a purple accent is what luxury looks like. This smaller bedroom may accommodate a tv feature wall with storage in addition to a bed, a small side table, and artwork by using its deep color as the room’s center point.

Wooden slats

In this laid-back accent wall with leaning art canvas, wooden slats steal the stage. The aesthetic is unified with a substantial white panel, circular mirrors, and a neutral mattress.

Wooden patterns

Looking for a slat accent that stands out more? Our article on slat accent walls is a must-read for a wide variety of wooden patterns, including this simple pinwheel.

Modern wood accent walls 

Greening up the accent walls made of trendy wood. In this fully wooden bedroom with windows that let in the outdoors, six spreading hedges reach to lines of light.

Focal wooden accent wall

Do you want your bed to be the highlight of the space? Create a wooden accent wall that focuses on the sleeping area.

Plethora accent wall

The accent wall in this bedroom has a ton of LEDs, drop lights, and unusual floor lamps to illuminate the space. A living wall made of indoor house plants aids in bringing the outside in.

Grey, black and bright blue wood panel accent wall

It’s not required that a wood panel accent wall be brown. Living room feature wall shades of grey, black, and vivid blue evoke the atmosphere of a seaside house next to industrial-style lights.

Wall breaks up the earth

Take a trip to the Jurassic era in your contemporary bedroom. With built-in LEDs, this bedroom feature wall shatters the surface of the earth, and a bed that appears to be floating coyly beneath it. See our article on wood accent walls for more creative ideas for odd features.

Fuse French

Fuse a sense of current art with French design. A man in paint adds personality to the space’s mint green paneling and bronzed gong lighting.

Concrete art accent wall

Making the most of both worlds, a concrete art accent wall keeps the concrete while adding character. As a headboard, a peculiar starburst light is used.

Neon-lit sign

Do you think that fortune is on your side? And so does this neon-lit sign on a grey, textured wall.

Bookshelf accent wall

Behind the bed does not have to be your bedroom’s feature. Three bronze inner pendants are the focal point of this bookshelf accent wall, which also curves around the windows and beneath the rafters. Do you need additional tv console feature wall ideas for book-filled bedrooms.

Old mud-brick

Do you want to make the most of an ancient wall? This contemporary bedroom’s grey walls and sepia lighting frame the old mud brick in a lovely way.

Upholstered in grey

When you enter your room, feel comfortable. Two grey-upholstered bedroom pendant lights that are exact reproductions of the Tom Dixon Pipe Pendants accentuate the long, angular lines of this accent wall.

Luxurious beige

Get a tiled effect without really using tiles. The Atollo lamp in champagne serves as the bedside table lamp next to the luxurious beige headboard.

Classic quilting

Nothing beats some traditional quilting. Use soft colors for your accent wall and bed, like this spacious, rectangular bedroom feature. The stunning topography of the surface is highlighted by the direct lighting from the designer table lights.

White wall’s cavity

In your bedroom, combine rough and smooth materials. The gap in this white wall is the ideal transition point for a splintered piece of wood. Modern two-way wall sconces aid in illuminating it.

Marble accent wall

A marble bedroom is everyone’s favorite. A silvered pendant, a dramatic red cushion, and a beige upholstered headboard go well with this marble accent wall.

Exposed brick

Do you like a more Scandinavian flavor? Utilize your exposed brick accent wall with white furnishings. For more information on how to make the most of your brick, see our page on brick accent walls.

Round mirror

With a stone accent wall by your side, you’ll feel as though you’re in a lodge. This room invites relaxation with a magnificent circular mirror, floor lamps made of Oda, and a cushioned futon bed.

Stone in rectangular blocks

Have more substantial stones for play? A few shelves in the centre of this accent wall are made possible by cutting stone into rectangular blocks.

Concrete accent wall

Industrial bedrooms can they be cozy? This alternating concrete accent wall and lavish turquoise bed provide compelling evidence.

Dotted bronze pendants

This mix-and-match grey accent wall is so fashionable and is decorated with bronze pendant lights that it makes us all jealous.

Translucent concrete

Have you ever wondered how this accent wall got its shine? Optical fibers are buried within the translucent concrete of the right wall. Check out our most recent post for additional concrete accent walls.

Light embroidered patterns

Consider novel ideas. This unusual accent wall features light embroidered designs on a sheet of glass that reflect the nearby metropolis.

Builder’s nails

What material is this accent wall composed of? Construction nails Follow the grid in this inventive bedroom to find an inexpensive and cheery choice for industrial bedrooms.


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