4 Room Flat Design: Creating The Right Bedroom Layout For You in Singapore

7 Oct, 2021

Many people, whether they live alone or with a family, prefer 4 room flat in Singapore. But before you start thinking about how to choose decor, find the perfect 4 room flat design in Singapore, and fit everything in, it’s critical that you pay attention to one of the most important aspects: the layout of your bedroom in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for your first four-room HDB or another, this article will show you what to think about when selecting the right layout and designing your bedroom!

1. Choose The Best Colour for Your Bedroom 

Choose a light color scheme to create the illusion of more space, whereas if your room is north-facing and a little chilly, you may want to consider warm paint colors or even moody hues. Color is crucial in creating an atmosphere in your space. As a result, painting your bedroom should be one of your first considerations when designing a bedroom – it’s also the first task to complete before moving in all of your furniture!

2. Invest In Practical Bedroom Furniture In Singapore

The first decision to make when selecting bedroom furniture is whether to go with fitted or freestanding units. The shape of your bedroom will influence your choice: awkwardly shaped rooms (which are common in period properties) will benefit from a bespoke fitted solution. Better-chosen furniture sets or an eclectic mix of bedside tables, bedroom storage units, and a freestanding wardrobe will work best in more standardized spaces in newer properties. Freestanding options are typically less expensive than fitted units and can be replaced every few years if you like to change up the look of your bedroom.

If you only have one rule to follow when selecting the bedroom furniture in Singapore, choose pieces that double as bedroom storage. Choosing items with delicate or light-colored frames will avoid visually overloading the space and should also make the bedroom feel larger, less formal, and brighter. If you’re designing a small bedroom, a mirrored wardrobe is probably the best trick for visually increasing the size of the space in Singapore.

3. Focus on Specific Areas

The first thing that comes to mind is that 4-room HDBs are typically more expensive to renovate. In comparison to 2- and 3-room HDB units, a 4-room HDB interior design requires a larger investment. Fortunately, you don’t have to blow your entire budget on flashy elements. Instead, you can concentrate on specific areas to strengthen. Using subtle details is one of the best ways to make your 4-room HDB interior design look “full.” Perhaps you’ll want to add some track lighting or wall decor. If you want to add visual interest, try out some veneered finishes.

4. Implement Quirky Accents

Of course, just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean your 4-room HDB interior design has to be cookie-cutter. While your renovation may not be featured in Plannerural Digest, you can put your own spin on things. We’re talking about adding some quirky accents to your living space. Typically, you can achieve an easygoing Nordic style by incorporating a sliding iron door or creeping floor tiles. You, on the other hand, let your imagination run wild. For instance, you could carve a round hole in your hall wall and install a double-mirror. This will undoubtedly make your 4-room flat interior design appear larger.

5. Use a Wall to Create a Focal Point

Even if this tip appears to be a little confusing at first, you’ll quickly grasp the concept. Homeowners frequently overlook their walls as a place to implement their 4-room HDB interior design ideas. In reality, there are numerous ways to create a focal point in your home, and your walls can assist you. The simplest way to accomplish this is to add a splash of vibrant color to one of your walls. You can take it a step further by installing a graphic mural or a chalkboard wall with intricate hand-drawn artworks. A little creative flair will go a long way toward making the interior more lively and unique.


4 room flat design in Singapore is a lot more complicated than it looks. Whether you’re planning your first 4-room HDB interior design or want to renovate an existing 4-room home, there are many nuances and considerations when choosing the right layout for your bedroom. In this article, we discussed how to select furniture that doubles as storage, what color scheme will work best in a small space, and which focal points can help make a four-room HDB look full of life. Now all you have left to do is find the perfect 4-room flat design in Singapore!

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