Smaller, More Affordable Rooms: The Benefits of a 4 Room HDB

3 Sep, 2021

The 4 room HDB is a great choice for people looking to live in Singapore. It has the benefits of being smaller and more affordable than other options, which can be especially helpful if you are on a tight budget. The 4 Room HDB also offers plenty of storage space and flexibility with its 4 rooms: 1 living room, 2 bedrooms and 1 kitchen/dining area. If you’re in need of a new home in Singapore, the 4 Room HDB might be just what you’re looking for!

Are you buying your first home and aren’t sure how many rooms you’ll need? Check out this helpful chart to help you figure out how much space you actually need!

Finding the perfect balance between price and space

The following are the HDB standards for three, four, and five-room flats, as well as their average selling prices:

Floor space (sq m) Bedroom(s) Bathroom(s) Average resale price
3 room 60-65 2 2 $299,230
4 room 90 3 2 $482,275
5 room 110 3 2 $523,950

Most young couples prefer 4 and 5 room flats if their budget allows, while 3 room flats are significantly smaller. First and foremost, you should consider how much money you make and what kind of HDB you can afford.

If you’re thinking about buying a BTO, use this calculator to figure out how much HDB housing loan you can get based on your salary. Then, using your loan amount, use this calculator to calculate your projected monthly instalments. It’s crucial not to overextend yourself, and you should always have rainy-day funds on hand in case of an emergency.

Couples applying for a BTO unit will also be eligible for the Special CPF Housing Grant if they are first-time applicants seeking for a 3 or 4 room flat and their combined income is less than $14,000. Depending on your income level, you could be eligible for up to $80,000 in grant money to help with your down payment.

Key considerations before you buy

If you’re thinking about buying a resale flat, keep in mind that BTOs from the 1990s had 10% more floor space on average than BTOs from 2000 onwards. What exactly does this imply? With a resale flat, you may be able to purchase a flat with less bedrooms while still having nearly the same amount of space.

Another consideration is whether or not you plan to have children soon, or whether your parents are likely to require assistance and move in the future, as both scenarios will necessitate some room for them.

The alternative is to upgrade, however this isn’t as simple as simply selling and repurchasing if your family grows unexpectedly. For starters, you have a 5-year Minimum Occupancy Period (MOP) during which you are not permitted to sell your flat or purchase any additional residential properties (be it private or public).

Second, you’ll have to pay a resale levy if you sell your property and acquire another BTO, which is $40,000 for a four-room flat and $45,000 for a five-room flat. Bottomline? You’ll be stuck with your first home for a long time, so make sure you plan ahead and think about what’s likely to happen in the near future.

Finally, consider your lifestyle and how it will affect the amount of space you require. If you have family who lives abroad and want to have an extra room for them to stay in when they visit, you’ll need more space. You’ll probably need a separate workstation if you work from home or run your own home-based business.

Also, remember to distinguish between must-haves and nice-to-haves. Continuing with the previous example, having a separate study is likely to be a must-have for individuals who work from home. But what if you need additional room for a walk-in closet? That’s a nice feature to have. Similarly, the balcony and larger living room area you’ll get if you choose a 5 room flat over a 4 room flat are likely to be nice-to-haves – but these shouldn’t be important elements in your decision-making process unless you have plenty of cash.

Take the time to conduct additional research and assess the benefits and drawbacks of your buying decision, as it will have a long-term impact on you.

4 Room HDB Renovation Ideas

  1. Use black and grey to give a clean and timeless modern design a gritty twist. Sleek lines unify the style, adding visual appeal and cohesiveness.
  2. Add one or two pieces of furniture in a vivid wash of color to a plain color palette, and your living area will instantly look livelier.
  3. The comfortable sofa and fluffy blue rug instantly take our attention away from the white surrounds with minimal built-in elements.
  4. Use lots of white to create a lighter and airier atmosphere at home! The grey accents are the icing on the cake, giving the flat a polished and finished appearance.
  5. This industrial-style HDB’s somber mood is reminiscent of a posh basement tavern, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore your passion for toys and collector figurines.
  6. Play around with unique floor tiles or flooring designs to create a visual separation instead of walls or partitions to create the sense of more space.
  7. For a jungle feel, put large, leafy potted plants and faux animal skin rugs throughout the house.
  8. Use lengthy spaces to your advantage by keeping the furnishings sparse and to a bare minimum, making the space simple and tidy.
  9. For a creative yet playful HDB, store your comic books and character figures in a bookcase that also serves as a partition dividing the bed from the work area.
  10. With an attention-grabbing mustard yellow wall in the dining room, this HDB is both homey and cozy at the same time.

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