6 Practical 4 Room HDB Renovation Tips From Pro Renovators 

11 Oct, 2021

4 room HDB renovation ideas are the most basic of 4 room HDB renovations. Whether you’re looking to renovate your 4 room HDB or want 4 room HDB renovation ideas for your 4-room HDB, here are 5 practical 4-room HDB renovation tips from pro renovators.

1. Begin by cleaning and rearranging your home.

A good place to start is to clean up your house and sort through your household items and furniture, which includes throwing away or recycling items that no longer serve any purpose. This allows you to clear away unnecessary clutter while also expanding your living spaces, allowing you to see your home in a whole new light.

2. Plan and Prioritize Your Renovation Rooms

Before contacting an interior designer or contractor, always plan your renovation first, and the first step is to prioritize your rooms for renovation. While it is ideal to renovate and revitalize every room in your home, it is not always possible, especially if you are on a tight budget. Instead, you can prioritize the rooms that will be renovated and allocate your budget based on how extensive the renovation will be.

3. Replace the upholstery on your old sofa.

When it comes to the furniture aspect of your renovation, one of the larger costs is your sofa, which can easily range from the hundreds to thousands of dollars!

Instead of purchasing a new sofa, consider updating your current one with new upholstery to match the new design you have in mind. A two-seater sofa will require no more than 10m of fabric and should cost no more than $30 to $60 per metre that’s $600 on the high side, much less than the cost of a new sofa.

4. Opt for Rugs Instead of Marble Flooring

When it comes to renovation, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is new sparkling marble flooring or quaint parquet flooring; however, if you are on a budget, this may not be possible.

One great way to update the look of your floor is to add a rug, and not just any rug, but one that is custom made to your specifications and looks to complement the overall theme of your room. Rugs, in a variety of styles and textures ranging from intricate traditional patterns to modernistic and contemporary shades and textures, allow you to breathe new life into the overall feel of your room.

5. Use Wall Paneling to Create a New Look

If you’re tired of looking at the same four walls in your room, wall paneling is an excellent way to conceal old and drab walls (especially if the paint job has worn off)! Not only does it help cover up the old, but it also serves as a feature in the room that will help draw attention to it, especially if other parts of your room don’t change much.

Wall paneling, which can range from soft-stone and wooden fluted paneling to brick panelling, can help refresh the entire look of your room with a small investment.

6. Concentrate on Long-Term Appliance Savings

Renovations typically entail the purchase of new appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, lighting, and a washing machine – all of which consume a lot of energy! While you may be tempted to pay the bare minimum for these appliances, saving that amount of money up front may not be such a good idea.

With electricity prices constantly fluctuating, it is far better to invest in energy-efficient appliances that may cost a little more up front but will help you save money on electricity consumption.

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