10 Home Decor mistake you should avoid for a 3 Room HDB Flat in Singapore

21 Sep, 2021

The 3 room HDB flat is a great place to start for first time homebuyers. The 3 rooms are typically the living room, bedroom and kitchen with one bathroom. This layout is efficient and practical because it provides all of the essential functions that any family needs without spending too much space or money. However, there are some mistakes people make when decorating their 3 room HDB flats in Singapore that you should avoid at all costs!

Deciding wall colours before everything else

People frequently make decisions regarding paint before deciding on anything else, as it appears sensible to do so before deciding on what goes in the room. However, if you begin furnishing, this may limit your alternatives. Instead, start with a few key pieces, such as a favorite couch, and make some judgments about the fabrics and patterns you want to use in the area. Then you can pick a complementary color or two colour combination for living room to tie everything together.

Buying everything from one shop

Shopping at home can be time-consuming and difficult, which is why many people choose for one-stop shopping. Sure, it’s convenient, but it could also rob your place of its uniqueness. In short, unless you enjoy living in an IKEA showroom, don’t buy anything from IKEA. Your unique style should be reflected in the way you decorate your home.

Going all matchy-matchy while home decorating

Similarly, furniture sets and mix-and-match items, such as a coordinated suite of sofa and bedroom furnishings, are readily available from single stores these days. It’s practical and sometimes cost-effective, but it’s also physically unappealing. Picking one item you adore from one store and then adding items to the area from other locations injects a lot more of your particular flair. Even if you’re too busy to spend all day traipsing in and out of furniture stores, there are plenty of options online these days to make house shopping a breeze.

Not taking the external environment into consideration

You’ve spent hours poring through interior design websites and publications, basing your whole home decorating scheme on the drool-worthy photo spreads. However, it’s equally crucial to consider your home’s surroundings. If your home receives a lot of sunlight, for example, consider how to maximize natural light while also leaving enough of open space in the rooms to keep it airy but not stuffy.

Pushing all furniture up against the wall

It’s a frequent misunderstanding that placing all of your furniture against the walls will give you extra living space. Bringing the furniture inwards, on the other hand, can help to generate more balance and intimacy.

Ignoring scale and proportion

When shopping for furniture, keep the room’s size in mind. In a large showroom, a stylish coffee table may look perfect, but once you bring it home, it may overwhelm your living space. When you go shopping, always take the room measurements with you. When in doubt about whether an item will fit in your home, get its measurements and use masking tape to lay out its size to see if you like how it fills the area. The proportions of the furnishings in relation to one another are also crucial.

Inadequate lighting

Living with a single harsh fluorescent ceiling lamp is functional, but it’s neither inspiring nor flattering. Instead, use a combination of overhead lighting, task lighting, and indirect lamps to provide different light sources.

Ignoring the tiny details while home decorating

Go the additional mile and pay attention to the smallest of things. Artwork or portraits should not be hung so high that viewers must strain their necks to see them. Always fluff your pillows and couches and avoid purchasing imitation flowers. Cushions that are flattened and deformed are an eyesore.

Buying more instead of curating what you currently have

It’s simple to hurry out and buy more stuff when you’re sick of the decor in an attempt to fill the Martha Stewart hole. Instead, take a time to clean and edit so you don’t wind up with any more knickknacks or items that don’t add to the room’s aesthetic.

Forgetting comfort and practicality

Finally, we are all drawn to beautiful things. Make bold decisions and don’t be scared to go all out for a dream pad that you adore. But don’t sacrifice all functionality in the name of looks. If you’re prone to being clumsy, a cream sofa might not be the ideal choice unless you want to spend your time admiring it from distance in order to maintain it spotless.

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