10 Ingenious Ways to Make Your Clumsy Corner Look Amazing

5 Nov, 2020

Does your home have an awkward corner that you don’t know what to do with? Relax—we’ve got you covered. It’s actually easy to transform it from a clumsy embarrassment to a stunning design statement. Here are some tips on making those odd corners beautiful and functional.

  1. Build custom storage

Customized storage carpentry is an investment that pays for itself. It gives you the freedom to design storage in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, as well as different materials and textures. It’s a great way to make an odd corner not only more functional but also less unsightly. Built-in carpentry can be done in a way that offsets any awkward curves with a straight finish.

  1. Dress it up with floor to ceiling drapes

This is an affordable and straightforward quick fix that doesn’t just dress up an ugly corner but also makes your ceiling look taller and your windows wider. Do you have unsightly clutter to hide? Put them here.

  1. Create a statement wall

Instead of hiding that odd corner, why not make it the centrepiece of your living room or bedroom? It’s easy to create a statement wall using affordable 3D wallpaper or textured paint—something you can probably do yourself on a weekend. If you’re willing to spend a bit more money for a proper renovation, use fancy tiles like mosaic or glass block tiles.

  1. Build a fabricated wall

Do you have an awkward recess in your bathroom that you just don’t know what to do with? Hire some renovation experts to design and build a fabricated splash-proof wall that squares off that odd corner.

  1. Turn it into a cosy little nook

Embrace that are the area by creating a cute little personal space where you can brew some coffee, enjoy some wine, or simply sit and eat your breakfast toast. Do you love reading? A small chair can turn that corner into an instant and reading nook.


  1. Create a window seat

Does window touch the corner of your living room? Here is a great idea: Create a nice window seat from which you can enjoy your view of the city or your little garden outside. This is a great way to make an empty corner much more useful. Also, there’s something very calming and inviting about a window seat, don’t you think?

  1. Put some art in there

Clumsy corner walls can be transformed mini art galleries. Don’t be afraid to take your large-scale oil paintings or framed prints from the centre of the wall into that odd nook. Doing this brings interest to both that corner and in the art pieces themselves. You can choose to hang your artwork all at the same height for a traditional aesthetic, or create a more contemporary feel by hanging them asymmetrically (some higher or lower than the rest).

  1. Light it up

Floor lamps are perfect for filling odd living room or bedroom corners. A good lamp is almost like an artwork in itself; it adds visual interest to an otherwise empty nook. So go ahead and put a floor lamp in that awkward corner by your sofa. Do you already have furniture or art work in that corner? Install lighting from the ceiling—perhaps a pendant lamp—to bring attention to that area. You can also try bringing in a side table to that corner and putting a lamp on it, or some picture wall lights if you have photos on the walls of that odd space. There are so many lighting options that can be hacked to work for awkward corners.

Think of this as an opportunity to create layered lighting that adds more interest to your space. The key is to install different sources of light at different levels. Doing this doesn’t only make a room feel more luxurious—it also gives you the flexibility to change the vibe of the space as you wish.

  1. Turn it into an indoor garden

Do you have a weird corner that gets lots of natural light? It might be the perfect place for some potted greenery. Using plants is a failsafe way to make any space feel more alive. Flowers work, but it’s a better idea to choose greenery if you want something that lasts longer. If the area is big enough, you can afford to take the maximalist route and put an oversized potted plant in that spot, perhaps in a lovely textured basket. But if you want to save on floor space, you can always go for a hanging terrarium that appears to be floating down from the ceiling.

  1. Display a sculpture

This is another great way to fill an empty corner while making a style statement. The key is to choose a sculptural piece that doesn’t require viewing from multiple angles; after all, the back side will be hardly visible. There is no need to spend a lot of money on an expensive sculpture from a renowned artist. You can always shop from university galleries that sell the work of art students, as well as from quaint little second-hand shops that sell all kinds of kitsch.

There you go—we have given you 10 spectacular ways to deal with that weird corner in your home that’s just a little too different from everything else. It might stick out like a sore thumb right now, to but it doesn’t always have to stay that way. Put it to good use with some planning and creativity. Whether that odd corner is in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom, there are many ways to make it not only more aesthetically pleasing but also super functional.


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